Most Poorest Neighborhoods in Shreveport

Discover the 5 Most Poorest Neighborhoods in Shreveport, Louisiana

Located in northwest Louisiana, the city of Shreveport has a population of approximately 180,000 people. Casinos, festivals, and well-preserved ancient landmarks are among its most famous attractions. However, the prosperity of a neighborhood in Shreveport is not uniformly distributed.

In some areas, the rates of poverty and criminal activity are very high, and the housing is of poor quality. In this post, we will examine the five areas in Shreveport that are the poorest based on the median family income, the percentage of the population that lives in poverty, and the median home value.

Downtown Riverfront

The Downtown Riverfront area sits by the Red River at the center of Shreveport. It houses various attractions like the Sci-Port Discovery Center, Shreveport Aquarium, and the Red River District. However, it’s also one of the city’s most economically challenged neighborhoods, with a median household income of just $24,600 and a poverty rate of 64.8%. Additionally, homes in this neighborhood have the lowest median value in the city, also at $24,600.

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The Allendale-Lakeside neighborhood is located in the southwest part of Shreveport. It is a predominantly African American neighborhood that has faced many challenges over the years, such as urban decay, racial segregation, and environmental pollution. The median household income in this neighborhood is $25,548 and the poverty rate is 44.9%. The median home value in this neighborhood is $50,500, which is also much lower than the city average.

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The Allendale-Lakeside area is situated in the southwest of Shreveport. It’s mostly inhabited by African Americans and has encountered various difficulties over time, including urban decline, racial separation, and environmental issues. The typical household income here is $25,548, with a high poverty rate of 44.9%. The average home value is notably lower at $50,500 compared to the city’s overall average.

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Mooretown And Hollywood Heights

The Mooretown And Hollywood Heights area is situated in the western part of Shreveport. It’s a diverse neighborhood with a blend of homes and businesses. However, it faces challenges, with a median household income of $26,250 and a high poverty rate of 42%. The typical home here is valued at $51,100, slightly more than in some similarly struggling neighborhoods, but still below the city’s average.

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Martin Luther King

The Martin Luther King neighborhood is in the northern area of Shreveport. It’s named after the civil rights leader who came to Shreveport in 1958. Unfortunately, it’s a low-income area with an average household income of $27,500 and a high poverty rate of 40%. The typical home value here is $52,400, which is lower than the city’s overall average.

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According to the most recent census statistics, these are the five neighborhoods in Shreveport that have the highest rates of poverty. Their low wages, high poverty rates, and poor housing values are the defining characteristics of this group.

They also struggle with other problems, such as law enforcement, unemployment, educational opportunities, and health care.

However, in addition to this, they are communities that have a wealth of history, culture, and promise. They are deserving of the city and the community’s increased focus and investment in order to better their living conditions and the opportunities available to them.