Atlanta's Top 5 BBQ Joints

Savoring the South: Atlanta’s Top 5 BBQ Joints

You may find a range of culinary styles and cuisines in Atlanta’s best restaurants, from sophisticated gourmet to rustic cooking. However, since this is the South, BBQ restaurants are a popular choice among the locals.

Even though Atlanta’s barbecue may not be as good as that of barbecue capitals like Austin or Memphis, it still ranks rather high because to its excellent pulled pork, smoked ribs, and brisket, along with all the classic Southern sides.

Certain barbecue restaurants gained immediate recognition when they were founded by professionals from Texas, Tennessee, and other areas that are well-known for their delicious barbecue.

Some are led by ‘cue enthusiasts from the area who acquired the skill and infused it with their unique style. No matter where they came from, you can expect to find premium meats that have been dry-rubbed, spicy, or smokey.

Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q

When in need of barbecue in Atlanta, Fox Brothers—founded by twin brothers Justin and Jonathan Fox and transplants from Texas—is a must-visit.

Atlanta's Top 5 BBQ Joints

Though the Candler Park location gets crowded, Frito pie—served in a Frito bag—will be on your plate in no time. Order the Texacutioner sandwich (brisket, jalapeño cheddar sausage, mustard), banana pudding, and Tomminator (tots drowned in Brunswick stew) for the best experience.

They also serve kolaches for breakfast at their “que”-osk at Armour Yards, where you may sample some of their choices.

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Heirloom Market

This particular instance is an example of how two chefs who fall in love may create a barbecue restaurant to combine their two hobbies. Heirloom Market was founded by Tennessee native Cody Taylor and Korean pop star-turned-chef Jiyeon Lee.

Atlanta's Top 5 BBQ Joints

Despite having no indoor seating, people are waiting in line outside this hole in the wall to enjoy Southern BBQ that is paired with Korean spices, sauces, and toppings. Keep a watch on the internet to see what’s being served because the specials change daily and sell out quickly.

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Ari Korean Steakhouse

Though it’s quite a distance from intown Atlanta, Ari’s Korean barbecue in Johns Creek is the best around. Thanks to co-owner and designer Stella Lee’s artistic eye, the atmosphere has a decidedly sophisticated feel. This place doesn’t serve 12-hour smoked brisket.

Atlanta's Top 5 BBQ Joints

Rather, diners prepare their own meats, such as brisket and prime ribeye, on the grills that are placed on each table. The house-made banchan, or Korean sides like kimchi, have tangy flavors that wonderfully balance the rich meats.

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Sweet Auburn BBQ

For BBQ and more, Sweet Auburn in Poncey-Highland is the place to go with a group of people. The Asian-infused dishes, which are influenced by the origins of the owners, siblings Anita and Howard Hsu, are just as delicious as the meats, such as the pulled pork and brisket.

Atlanta's Top 5 BBQ Joints

The pimento cheese wontons and Wu Tang wings are two must-try foods. To wash down all that food, the Bing & Rosemary cocktail (gin, rosemary syrup, and lemon) is the perfect combination.

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Lake & Oak

Among Atlanta’s more recent barbecue establishments, this place offers a more creative interpretation of the traditional fare. Ribs, wings, brisket, and half chickens are examples of smoked meats.

Atlanta's Top 5 BBQ Joints

Try the brisket with pimento cheese on a sandwich. Popular sides include collard greens fried rice and cabbage slaw, while banana pudding is a must-have dessert.

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To Conclude

Atlanta provides a wide variety of barbecue experiences, ranging from Korean-style restaurants where you cook your own meats at the table to classic Southern BBQ with a twist.

There’s bound to be a restaurant in Atlanta that will tempt your taste buds, whether you’re a devoted fan of barbecue or you’re just searching for a tasty and filling dinner. So gather your loved ones and get ready to sample the distinctive aromas of Atlanta’s barbeque scene.