Forgotten Hues Tales From the Haunting Ghost Towns of Vermont

Forgotten Hues: Tales From the Haunting Ghost Towns of Vermont

A number of ghost towns murmur stories of the past may be found in Vermont, a state known for its beautiful scenery and extensive history.

These deserted towns provide a window into a time when people lived in prosperity before giving way to the unavoidable passage of time. These five abandoned towns in Vermont serve as silent reminders of the rich past of the state:

Tyson Furnace

When Isaac Tyson established Tyson Furnace in 1835, it was a mining village. It was built as housing for the iron ore mining workers that lived nearby. Eventually, the town grew to include shops, boarding homes, schools, teachers, and merchants. But the majority of the occupants left by 1855, when the mine closed.

With the exception of Tyson’s Furnace, which is located in the woods directly off of Kingdom Road, very little of the small but vibrant town is still there.

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In Windham County is the town of Somerset. The town was once a hub for trade, with a number of companies and mills situated there. Some of these buildings are now only the foundations.

Tales From the Haunting Ghost Towns of Vermont

This town is gone. On the other hand, adventurers can try their luck along the Deerfield River for any indications of a town.

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Glastenbury was a minor town until it was incorporated. There was a blacksmith and sawmill in the town. It also featured boarding homes for laborers and a grocery.

From 1873 until 1878, the town also possessed a post office. Glastenbury’s income during the 18th and 19th centuries came primarily from the sale of timber. Additionally, the town featured a trolley line that encouraged visitors. However, the train line and bridges were devastated by a significant flood.

The story of the Bennington Monster is among the scariest concerning Glastenbury. There are rumors that this creature lives atop Glastenbury Mountain.

A stagecoach driver saw big footsteps in the mud one day. The thing then assaulted him, leaving his terrified passengers to see only a pair of eyes. It was later characterized as a big, over six-foot-tall, black monster with hair.

All that remains of this ancient ghost town are the ruins and the myths. Considering its history, it’s perhaps one of the most eerie locations among Vermont’s ghost towns.

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Ricker Basin

Ricker Basin was first settled as a farming village in the middle of the 1800s, but it soon developed into a logging settlement. There were three sawmills and several hundred people living in the town in 1922.

Tales From the Haunting Ghost Towns of Vermont

There were multiple general stores and a railroad station in the town. A schoolhouse and churches were also present. Two terrible floods struck the village in 1927 and 1934. The infrastructure of the town was destroyed and many of the surviving citizens were wiped off in 1934’s second flood.

In Vermont, the town of Ricker Basin is located just east of Bennington. It may be reached from both the Stratton Mountain Trailhead and the Molly Stark Trail. It’s also said to be eerie; in fact, the state department of forests has conducted nighttime ghost hikes there.

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Belvidere Mountain Asbestos Mine

For many years, the Vermont asbestos mine at Belvidere Mountain supported a bustling community of roughly 300 workers and generated a precious commodity: asbestos. Although there is still little asbestos in the air, nearby waterways and wetlands have been contaminated by the mine’s poisonous waste.

The location is now regarded as a superfund site and is quite dangerous. An elderly man and his dog live nearby and keep watch over the land.

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To Conclude

Vermont is well-known for its vibrant towns and gorgeous scenery, but it also has these abandoned settlements that are reminders of the past. These abandoned communities serve as silent reminders of how quickly society and business change.

By investigating these ruins, tourists can get a look into the past and enjoy the mythical and historical tales they hold. When exploring, it’s important to keep in mind the possible risks connected to any of these places and to put safety first.