Biden Declares Disaster Zone, But This City's Got the Solution!

Biden Declares Disaster Zone, But This City’s Got the Solution!

DANIA BEACH, Fla. – Recently, President Joe Biden made Broward County a disaster zone.

After that was said, Dania Beach showed off a new multi-family apartment building that is resistant to flooding.

It will have 298 brand-new flats on the upper floors.

During this month’s historic floods, record amounts of rain fell on the small coastal city, which was damaged to the tune of millions of dollars.

At an event on Saturday, Dania Beach Mayor A.J. Ryan said that all new projects in his city must now have high-tech drainage systems and other safety features.

Ryan said, “This building is raised six feet above the ground, which makes it more resistant to rising water.”

“It’s also made with denser concrete, 21st-century building techniques and materials, and the best engineering from our city and the engineers hired by the developers.”

It is said that the project will cost around $105 million.

It will probably be ready to live in by the end of this year.

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