Bite into Tradition: Tucson’s Best Italian Restaurants for a Taste of Italy

Want a taste of Italy but don’t want to leave Arizona? For those who love Italian cuisine, Tucson has a fascinating gastronomic excursion to offer. This energetic city is home to a diverse array of Italian eateries, each offering an own twist on the beloved cuisine of the nation.

The Italian scene in Tucson offers plenty to tempt your palate, regardless of whether you’re a connoisseur of traditional red-sauce dishes or an inquisitive traveler looking for contemporary adaptations.

The perfume of simmering sauces and fresh herbs, the taste of real Italian cuisine made with passion, and the warm, inviting ambiances will transport you.

Thus, prepare for a “bella notte” (beautiful night) in the center of Tucson by grabbing your fork!

Scordato’s Pizzeria

This 2009-opened Italian restaurant and bar offers freshly prepared pasta and pizza. The chef is renowned for creating inventive and delectable dishes by combining commonplace components with unconventional ones.

Unique light entrées, pizzetta, and salads made with quality meats and vegetables are available at Scordato’s Pizzeria. Order the Warm Mushroom Salad ahead of time and eat it light.

Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, vinaigrette, and Boston bibb lettuce leaves are used to make it. For the pizzetta, order the Mozzarella and Robiola Fontina cheeses.

Roasted mushrooms, Parmigiano Reggiano, chopped kalamata olives, and arugula are the ingredients.

Vivace Restaurant

Established in 1993, this family-run eatery is renowned for its delicious Italian fare, which is prepared using family secrets. Outstanding fish meals with marinated mushrooms, spicy Calabrian aioli, and Parmigiano are available here.

Bite into Tradition Tucson's Best Italian Restaurants for a Taste of Italy

Order the baked artichokes and escargot with garlic butter and gorgonzola cheese for your first dish. Get the delicious Veal Picatta, which is made of thinly sliced veal sautéed in a sauce of lemon and capers.

Pasta with fresh vegetables is offered with this main course.

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Tavolino Ristorante Italiano

This award-winning restaurant was founded in 2004 and specializes on Northern Italian food. Chef Massimo Tenino offers wood-fired pizzas, rotisserie meats prepared in the Tuscan way, and freshly made pasta in the traditional manner.

At this classy yet relaxed restaurant, get ready to savor fine Italian cuisine and exquisite Italian beverages. Taste the Antipasto Misto, which consists of a variety of cured meats topped with marinated artichokes, grilled eggplant, and braised mushrooms.

Get the Porchetta di Maiale, a substantial dish made with garlic and rosemary-cooked double bone-in pig loin. It comes with mouthwatering sautéed fresh spinach and roasted red potatoes.

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Piazza Gavi

Since its 1992 opening, Piazza Gavi has been serving up delicious Northern and Southern Italian cuisine. The restaurant serves a blend of Northern and Southern Italian cuisine in its award-winning specialties.

Bite into Tradition Tucson's Best Italian Restaurants for a Taste of Italy

It also has a large seafood menu that is influenced by the owner’s hometown on the Italian coast. If you stop by for supper, make sure to try the Chicken Cacciatore.

It is created with sautéed and sliced chicken simmered in a rich crimson sauce with bell peppers and mushrooms. Try the Mussels & Shrimp Serenata, which is served with spinach and mushrooms in a light cream sauce, for a seafood feast.

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Guiseppe’s Ristorante Italiano

Guiseppe’s Ristorante was founded in 2010 and is well-known for its freshly prepared mozzarella and homemade Italian dishes. In addition, the restaurant offers housemade sauces such pesto, bolognese, and ricotta cheese.

Get the traditional Giuseppe pizza, which is created with fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, salami, pepperoni, and rustic tomato sauce.

The amazing eggplant parmesan, however, is the audience favorite. Serve over linguine and red sauce, the eggplant is stacked with tomato sauce, mozzarella, and parmesan.

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To Conclude

Tucson’s Italian restaurant scene has something for every taste and occasion, whether you’re looking for a laid-back evening of Northern Italian cuisine at Tavolino Ristorante Italiano or a casual pizzeria experience at Scordato’s.

So, embrace your inner adventurer, gather your loved ones, and set off on a delectable excursion through Tucson’s heart of Italy! Salutations!

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