Blue Angels Soar in Preparation for Jacksonville's 78th Air Show

Blue Angels Soar in Preparation for Jacksonville’s 78th Air Show

In plenty of time for their 78th Jacksonville concert on October 19 and 20, 2024, the Navy Blue Angels landed at Naval Air Station Jacksonville on Wednesday morning.

“You can watch them on TV all day long, but when you get the feel of the thunder of the jets it’s pretty amazing,” Lieutenant Commander Brian Baught stated with a smile. “So if you haven’t felt that you need to come out and see that.”

Even though that flyover in Jacksonville is still a few months away, preparations are being made year-round to ensure everything runs properly in October.

Lieutenant Connor O’Donnell said on Wednesday, It’s all about building trust with your teammates, Just because those planes are so close together, you really need to inherently trust your teammates, that’s what they’re working on right now.”

In the end, Lieutenants Baught and O’Donnell assert that it’s a year-round, unceasing pursuit of excellence, all in the service of paying tribute to those who serve in combat.

“Perfection is always our pursuit, we’ll probably never get there. But we try to get as close as possible,” said Lieutenant Commander Baught.

“For those folks who can’t be home from the holidays, hopefully when folks see the blue angels, they think more about those folks,” Lieutenant O’Donnell added.

You can find out more about the 2024 air show by clicking this link.

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