Brooklyn Love Triangle Turns Deadly When a Man Shoots His Girlfriend and Rival, Ultimately Ending His Own Life
Image Source: NY Post

Brooklyn Love Triangle Turns Deadly When a Man Shoots His Girlfriend and Rival, Ultimately Ending His Own Life

A tragic incident unfolded early Thursday morning in Brooklyn’s Bedford- Stuyvesant neighborhood when a love triangle turned deadly. A 38-year-old woman was brutally shot in her head on a street, whereas a 44-year-old man was also wounded by a 50-year-old gunman before taking his own life.

The 50-year-old shooter who is identified as a construction worker was involved in a love triangle with the woman and the wounded man. He was arguing with the woman and the 44-year-old man on Greene Ave. near Marcus Garvey Blvd. 

In the words of the shooter’s nephew, Tymel Walker, 35, a tow truck driver, the three were childhood friends, but things took serious turn when they fell for the same woman, and that led to this tragic outcome.

“It was a love triangle and it got the best of him,” the relative said. “They were childhood friends and then they fell for the same woman. She was going back and forth, from one to the other” as per his nephew based on Yahoo.

A witness, who decide to remain anonymous, described how the argument escalated as the victims were getting into a black SUV. The witness recalls that she aroused from her bed by the arguments.  

“I woke up hearing her screams and two gunshots,” said the 27-year-old woman, the witness. “A tall man was arguing with a younger woman.”

The shooter demanded the keys to the vehicle while the woman started arguing with him, even though he had already shot her boyfriend. Despite her continuous plead, the shooter shot her again in her head and then turned the gun on himself.

“She began screaming again, she was trying to reason with him,” the local resident said. “She said, ‘You already got him.’ He was very cold. He said, ‘I don’t care. Give me the keys. He took two steps back and he shot her. He shot her once in the leg and then he shot her again,” the eyewitness said. “She doubled over and grabbed her thigh. She went down” based on Yahoo.

“I thought it was over. Then he shot her in the head. He was unmoved. It was callous,” the witness said. “He walked away. He wasn’t running away. He walked across the street, and that’s when he took his own life.”

Tom Walker, the nephew, states that his uncle was considered a big brother figure to many in the neigborhood. He has four daughters with the woman he shot. Furthermore, ““He worked for me, he was very dependable, very trustworthy,” the nephew said. “I just wish that I could have been there for him in these darkest times. What my uncle did was definitely wrong, but his situation speaks for itself. I hope people learn from it. I know I will. He loved them very much. He was a good father,” according to the nephew. “We’re broken. This is the first suicide in our family.”

After the incident, only a pool of blood and a pair of slippers was left at the crime scene. Both vistims were rushed to Kings County Hospital where the male victim was stated out of danger but the woman was in critical condition. 

It was a shocking and surprising incident for the residents of that area since it was a peaceful neigbor compared to other places according to them.

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