Budget-Friendly Baton Rouge Suburban Living

Budget-Friendly Baton Rouge Suburban Living: 5 Affordable Areas

Rich cultural history may be seen in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, at the famous Louisiana State University (LSU), the historic Louisiana State Capitol building, and the colorful Mardi Gras celebrations.

It makes sense that 222,200 people call this city home. Additionally, Baton Rouge can be the ideal location for you to live if you’re searching for a place in Louisiana.

Two facts to be aware of before you begin your search for a new home are that the average rent in Baton Rouge is $1,250 and the typical price of a property sold is $227,500. The top 5 reasonably priced Baton Rouge suburbs for potential residents are shown below:


The median property price in Merrydale is $135, 000, which indicates a reasonably priced entry point into the real estate market.

Furthermore, the average sale price per square foot in the neighborhood is $114, suggesting that the cost of residential space is acceptable.

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Old Jefferson

The median price of a house in the Old Jefferson area is a fair $182,500. This number illustrates how reasonably priced homes are generally in the neighborhood, which draws in potential homeowners.

Budget-Friendly Baton Rouge Suburban Living

Properties in Old Jefferson also provide outstanding value for their size, as evidenced by the average transaction price per square foot of $128.

Historic locations like the Louisiana State Capitol, the USS Kidd Veterans Museum, and the LSU Rural Life Museum are all within a short drive from Baton Rouge—about fifteen minutes.

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With a $185,000 median home price, Plaquemine, a city in Louisiana, is a good choice for those looking to buy a property. With an average sale price per square foot of $110, the market is ideal for individuals looking to settle down or invest in real estate.

You’ll discover that the cost of homes is significantly lower just 14 miles from Baton Rouge. Living in Plaquemine offers a plethora of attractive and outdoor activities to engage in.

Plaquemine offers a compelling alternative for individuals and families seeking to create a presence in a thriving neighborhood due to its combination of value and affordability.

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With a median house price of $189,999, Monticello is a desirable location for potential buyers looking for budget without sacrificing quality.

Budget-Friendly Baton Rouge Suburban Living

The average sale price per square foot in the neighborhood is a respectable $143, which shows that homeowners can balance value and investment possibilities.

North Sherwood Forest Community Park has a picturesque setting and is close to several popular attractions in the Baton Rouge area.

With such enticing numbers, Monticello offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere for individuals and families wishing to settle down in a neighborhood that provides both affordable homes and a thriving real estate market.

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The median house price in Baker is $189,950, giving potential homebuyers an idea of how affordable the housing market is. Properties are valued at $123 per square foot on average, which shows a fair price given the amount of room.

With an average apartment rental price of $1,310, renting is a reasonable choice for people who would rather have flexibility in their living situation. Together, these numbers represent Baker’s housing market, which is balanced between buying and renting alternatives catered to different tastes and budgetary constraints.

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Final Words

Baton Rouge itself provides a dynamic urban lifestyle enriched by a rich cultural past. Nonetheless, the suburbs that surround the city offer fantastic options if you’re searching for something less expensive but still convenient for getting to the center.

Every neighborhood has an own personality and worth, from the reasonably priced houses in Merrydale to the quaint setting of Old Jefferson.

Baton Rouge’s suburbs offer something for every lifestyle and price range, whether your priorities are affordability, historic charm, or accessibility to outdoor activities. In order to find the ideal Baton Rouge suburb to call home, think about extending your search outside of the municipal limits.


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