Budget-Friendly Louisiana: Top 5 Affordable Places to Reside

Budget-Friendly Louisiana: Top 5 Affordable Places to Reside

Louisiana, with its colorful culture, rich history, and mild environment, provides a variety of economical living options that aren’t short on charm or personality.

Louisiana, sometimes known as “The Bayou State,” is a state where the cost of living meets the ease of Southern living, making it an appealing option for people looking for a more leisurely lifestyle.

Here, we will look at the Top 5 Cheapest Places to Live in Louisiana, where the cost of living is as appealing as the welcoming smiles and spicy cuisine. Each city, from Shreveport’s historic streets to Baton Rouge’s vibrant ambiance, offers a distinct combination of cost and quality of life.

Whether you like the peaceful suburbs or the vibrant downtowns, these cities provide a low-cost option to experience everything Louisiana has to offer. So let’s dig into the heart of the bayou and find the most affordable areas to live in this beautiful Southern state.

TownPopulationMedian IncomeMedian Home PriceMedian Rent
St. Martinville5,447$32,781$134,241$667


The town of Bastrop, which has 9,623 residents, has an extremely low cost of living—its overall Cost of Living Index is 76. The community’s $29,286 median income gives people a respectable level of living despite its tiny size.

With the median house price at $74,979, housing affordability is a noteworthy attribute that makes homeownership attainable for many. If you would rather rent, there are decent housing options available, with a median cost of $737.


Tallulah, a town of 6,290 people, has an overall cost of living index of 73, making it an affordable location to live. Despite its small size, the town has a median income of $31,070, giving people a secure financial base.

Budget-Friendly Louisiana Top 5 Affordable Places to Reside

The median property price is $81,815, making homeownership accessible to individuals wishing to settle down. Renting, on the other hand, is less expensive, with a median monthly rent of $594, appealing to people looking for flexibility in their living arrangements.

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St. Martinville

There are 5,447 people living in the little Louisianan town of St. Martinville. Compared to many urban regions, it offers a very reasonable lifestyle, with an overall Cost of Living Index of 78.

In spite of this, St. Martinville’s median income of $32,781 indicates that its citizens have a moderate earning capacity. With a median home price of $134,241, many people can afford to become homeowners thanks to the appealing housing options.

For individuals who would rather rent, there are affordable housing alternatives available, with the median rent being $667. For those looking for a slower pace of life, St. Martinville essentially offers a combination of charm and affordability.

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With 6,701 inhabitants, Oakdale is a tiny town located in a tranquil area. Even though Oakdale is small, its cost of living index (76) is favorable. With a typical income of $46,250, many of its residents have a secure financial base.

Budget-Friendly Louisiana Top 5 Affordable Places to Reside

With a median home price of $85,581, Oakdale offers an alluring opportunity for people who are thinking about becoming homeowners. As an alternative, those looking for rental space will discover that the median rent of $785 is affordable.

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With 7,223 residents, Rayne is a tiny town with an affordable cost of living index of 79 when compared to the national average. With a median income of $34,725 the town offers a good living environment despite its tiny size.

At a median home price of $156,551, the real estate market reflects this affordability, enabling many residents to become homeowners.

If you would rather rent, the town’s median rent is $795, which makes it even more accessible and appealing to a wide variety of people and families.

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To Conclude

Louisiana is appealing for its affordability, charm, and culture. From the ancient streets of Bastrop to the dynamic atmosphere of Baton Rouge, each of the top five places we explored—Bastrop, Tallulah, St. Martinville, Oakdale, and Rayne—offers a unique personality and a low-cost entrance point to Louisiana’s best.

These hidden jewels offer a calm suburban retreat or a vibrant downtown experience. This is just the start. When searching for the best and cheapest Louisiana home, consider neighborhood size, career possibilities, and amenities.

Louisiana provides a memorable and affordable Southern lifestyle with its engaging culture, wonderful cuisine, and welcoming spirit.