Burger Bliss: Boston's 5 Best Burger Joints

Burger Bliss: Boston’s 5 Best Burger Joints

A straightforward ground beef burger between two buns has such beauty, and because of its adaptability, it may be had for a late-night snack as you head home from the bar, as a quick grab-and-go lunch, or paired with a fine wine at a gourmet dinner.

All of the unique and traditional burgers that we’ve discovered throughout Boston share the same characteristic of being succulent and flavorful. Want to acquire more regional, handheld specialties?

Little Donkey

Perhaps the best example of sophisticated comfort cuisine done well is Ken Oringer’s worldwide tapas restaurant in Cambridge. The burger, a dry-aged beef patty topped with foie gras onions, buffalo pickles, jalapeño chips, and the ideal amount of French onion soup mayo, should definitely be on your feast of small plates at this Central Square restaurant.

Even though it’s designed to be shared, you’ll want to consume this one by yourself.


This modern Japanese bar offers an exceptional Hojoko Wagyu Cheeseburger that has won numerous awards. This Fenway restaurant starts with an umami-forward blend of Wagyu short rib and chuck and works its way up to outdo every other burger in town.

Burger Bliss Boston's 5 Best Burger Joints

Then, to provide some crunch and stink, red onion and dashi pickle chips are added, along with a generous helping of American cheese and special sauce to those beefy bases. This dish is ideal for enjoying before the Red Sox game.

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The Quiet Few

Any diner who has experienced the inventive menu at this local whiskey bar will tell you that it keeps appearing on best-of lists.

Here, the big-time dish is the Hell Yeah Burger, which consists of two double patties marinated in spices and whiskey and topped with pickles, smoked onions, American and cheddar cheese, and a special sauce.

Smaller appetites will also love Grillo’s pickles, cheddar, and shredduce on top of the Simple Burger.

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Foundry on Elm

Discover a robust hidden treasure in student-heavy Davis Square. Designed to resemble a classic bistro, Foundary on Elm serves simple, well-prepared French food, and their burger is no different.

Burger Bliss Boston's 5 Best Burger Joints

It also boasts a large marble bar. A combination of short rib, chuck, and brisket, the Foundary Burger has one of the juiciest patties available, enhanced with a brioche bun, charred red onion, shaved dill pickles, truffle aioli, and Vermont cheddar cheese. You will not be sorry to cross the Red Line to get there.

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Alden & Harlow

A small cult following has developed around Alden & Harlow’s “secret burger.” Limited edition and nearly sold out every night, the burger begins with a ground brisket, short rib, and beef patty from Creekstone Farms.

It is then topped with a crisp cheddar cheese, secret sauce, tiny gem lettuce, salted onions, and bread and butter pickles. All of this is served atop a homemade roll.

Other than that, It’s simpler to acquire a burger during weekend brunch service if you truly want to taste this A&H action without having to worry about it selling out.

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To Conclude

The burger scene in Boston is delightfully diverse, featuring everything from award-winning gourmet innovations to traditional comfort food.

There’s a wonderful nibble waiting for you, whether your preference is for Hojoko’s Wagyu cheeseburger, Little Donkey’s foie gras onions for a classy experience, or The Quiet Few’s succulent patties filled with whiskey flavors.

So forgo the kale burgers without buns and discover the distinctive flavor combinations these Boston restaurants have to offer. Discover undiscovered treasures such as Foundry on Elm and the illusive (though hopefully reachable) Alden & Harlow burger; your palate will appreciate you going beyond the norm.

Keep in mind that this is just the beginning; thus, find your new favorite Boston burger by being hungry and having an experimental spirit.