California Mother Accused of Inflicting 16 Fractures on Newborn Son

California Mother Accused of Inflicting 16 Fractures on Newborn Son

A mother from Southern California has been accused after it was alleged that she hit her 5-week-old child repeatedly when he would not stop crying. According to the prosecution, the boy suffered 16 fractured bones, including a fracture to his head.

Mirian Jimenez-Olivera, 34, of Santa Ana, is accused of abusing children in 11 felony counts. The infant suffered many fractured ribs, a broken arm, a broken knee, and an elbow during the incident. Orange County is home to the city of Santa Ana.

The Orange County District Attorney’s Office said in a news release on Thursday that the 35-year-old father of the kid had also been charged with accessory after the fact in relation to the case for allegedly lying to authorities about how the baby sustained the injuries.

When the infant was sent to a children’s hospital on Monday, doctors found that he had injuries since he was not moving his left arm.

In the statement, it is stated that the mother has been charged with beating her child repeatedly since he was two weeks old.

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The abuse allegedly included hitting the infant in the ribs, shoulder, and arms when he cried and “roughly pulling his leg when she changed him.”

“A mother’s arms should be the safest place for a newborn, fiercely protecting him from the world, but … his mother’s arms were the weapons of violence which helped systematically break his little bones into tiny pieces because he wouldn’t stop doing what every newborn does − cry,” Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer stated in a statement. “No child should be brought into this world and be subjected to unimaginable pain − and then be left to suffer in silence, not knowing when the next time his mother would lash out in anger and break another rib or snap another bone.”

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