The Abandoned Heartland: 5 Forgotten Places in Nebraska

The Abandoned Heartland: 5 Forgotten Places in Nebraska

The Cornhusker State, Nebraska, is well-known for its thriving cities and lush farmlands. But the abandoned heartland is a lost piece of the past, hidden beyond the well-traveled routes.

These remnants of the past, now restored by nature, serve as silent witnesses to the rise and fall of humanity and time.

Discovering stories carved into Nebraska’s very soil, these five mysterious locations provide a window into a bygone period that still echoes to those who dare to listen.

Old U.S 6

Unlike other deserted locations in Nevada, Old US 6 is a long stretch. Not that the route is deserted per se; instead, travelers can discover numerous houses and establishments that have been abandoned, much like the well-known Route 66.

Constructed in 1931, the highway functioned as the principal route connecting Nebraska and Colorado.

Many people tend to forget about the old route, but those who want to view the sights may consider using the old 6. From the new Route 6, you can turn onto Old Route 6 by traveling via the little village of Wauneta to the north.

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Beetison Mansion

Nestled in Saunders county is the Beetison Mansion, one of Nebraska’s most unusual abandoned locations. The Besstison family, who hail from a long line of stone masons, owned the house.

Even though the Beetision family was still residing there, the house was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1971.

The Abandoned Heartland: 5 Forgotten Places in Nebraska

The Bettison family owned the house for five generations before selling it to a developer in 1999. The mansion’s current destiny is still unknown, but its sturdy stone walls have withstood the test of time. The historic house, which elegantly looms over Nebraska’s vast plains, is open for photographers to capture on film.

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Staplehurst Service Station

The only thing that is known about this charming small service station is that its owner, George, was an avid Nebraskan. His grandson Justin Pekarek pitched for the state in the 2001 College World Series, which is why the artwork was created.

There’s nothing but dust at the service station in the peaceful village of Staplehurst. Nobody knows what the plans are for this small building, and the little store is still empty.

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Oakdale Church

While Oakdale was a thriving community when it was founded in 1872, it is now a ghost town where you can find the remnants of the Oakdale church.

The Abandoned Heartland: 5 Forgotten Places in Nebraska

In 1881, the Methodist church was built after it was formed in 1874. The town contained two hotels, five stores, a school, and more than 500 residents at that time.

The church is one of my favorite buildings that is still surviving in Oakdale, which is a shell of its former glory.

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Garland Ghost Town

Garland is a quaint little town that has been progressively getting worse over time. The Midland Pacific Railroad, which runs across Seward County from Lincold to Seward, is the main feature that gave rise to the community.

People naturally moved to the area since it was a good place to cultivate crops and had railroad connections.
Germantown was the original name of the hamlet, named for the German settlers who were the first to live there, and a depot was constructed along the route.

Even renaming sauerkraut to “liberty cabbage” was done by the town. The town was renamed after Raymond Garland, the first soldier killed in battle, in 1918 by a vote of the municipal council.

Although there are a little over 200 people living in Garland, many older homes and buildings have been abandoned. One of my favorite deserted locations in Nebraska is Garland, with its fascinating past and stunning bank structure that is still standing.

To Conclude

Abandoned sites in Nebraska evoke the imagination and whisper stories long forgotten, providing more than just a window into the past.

These deserted locations, such as the lengthy stretch of Old US 6 and the eerie splendor of Oakdale Church, serve as a constant reminder of the transience of human accomplishments.

Therefore, look for these relics from a bygone age the next time you’re exploring Nebraska’s wide landscapes. Accept the enigma and let these deserted sites take you back in time.

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