Cory Mills Stirs Debate With Shocking Suggestion "Shut the Border or Shut Down the Government!"

Cory Mills Stirs Debate With Shocking Suggestion “Shut the Border or Shut Down the Government!”

In a bold move, Representative Cory Mills, a Florida Republican, has called for a tough stance on border security in upcoming appropriation bills.

His proposal, revealed in a recent interview, has stirred considerable controversy within political circles and the public, sparking a heated debate on both border security and government expenditure.

“Get the 12-single point Appropriation Bills with necessary cuts, reforms, economic growth strategy, and either shut the border or Shutdown the government,” Mills said. He has been pushing “12 Single Point” appropriations bills for the past year, saying that any legislation that is approved needs to strengthen security measures, especially at the border.

“If we can’t protect the American people, then we should at least try and save them some money if Congress isn’t going to do their jobs,” Mills said. In light of the growing number of meetings with migrants at the southern border, his remarks make sense.

A record-breaking 12,600 migrants passed through U.S. Customs and Border Patrol Protection in a single day. Agents at the border have often witnessed more to 10,000 migrants entering every day, even during the normally slower winter months.

Not counting the extra 670,000 “gotaways” during the same period, the Department of Homeland Security reported an astounding 2.4 million migrant interactions at the southern border for Fiscal Year 2023.

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