Hannity Waves Goodbye to New York ‘I Am Done’ Announces Florida Move
Image By: Fox News

Hannity Waves Goodbye to New York ‘I Am Done’: Announces Florida Move

Sean Hannity, the host of Fox News, declared on Tuesday that he had relocated from New York to Florida because the state’s elected authorities, in his words, “share his values.”

“I’ve been threatening now to do this for quite a while, but we are now beginning our first broadcast from my new home and that is in the free state of Florida,” he declared on Tuesday during his iHeartRadio program. “I am out. I am done. I’m finished.”

Hannity mentioned that his decision to relocate to the Sunshine State was influenced by the conservative policies and political leaders in Florida, specifically citing Governor Ron DeSantis (R) and Senators Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and Rick Scott (R-Fla.) as examples.

He expressed satisfaction with his move and stated that he already “feels a lot better” about residing in Florida full-time.

“And finally for the first time that I can think of in my adult life, I actually have representatives in the state that I’m living in that share my values,” Hannity stated.

He asserted that he is among several individuals who have relocated from states governed by Democrats to those led by Republicans, such as Florida.

DeSantis has promoted Florida as one of the rapidly expanding states during his White House campaign, frequently implying that individuals are shifting from Democratic strongholds like New York and California to Florida.

On his radio show, Hannity criticized states led by Democrats, citing “high taxes, burdensome regulation, high crime rates, and poor school districts.”

“And if anything, I’m probably late and behind the curve and many others have made the move beforehand and there’s not a single person that I know, that made a move like this that is not happy that they’ve made it,” he said.


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