Date Night Nightmare Jacksonville Man Accused of Trying to Kill Partner Over Dinner Bill Dispute

Date Night Nightmare: Jacksonville Man Accused of Trying to Kill Partner Over Dinner Bill Dispute

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office has apprehended the individual believed to have attempted robbery and murder of his date following a dispute over dinner payment.

In February 2023, JSO detectives responded to a hospital call involving a man with gunshot wounds. Upon arrival, the victim displayed two bullet wounds on his right arm and one on the right side of his chest.

Though still conscious, the victim was in considerable pain and unable to communicate extensively with the police.

Initial information gathered by JSO detectives revealed that the victim had been in contact with the suspect, identified as 27-year-old Jamal Moreland, through the Grindr dating app a few days before the incident.

According to police reports, the two had arranged a date for February 19, 2023. The victim drove to Lemon Grass Lane to pick up Moreland, who was waiting on the street corner in front of his residence.

After leaving Lemon Grass Lane, they proceeded to a bowling alley for a drink, but finding the bar closed, they went to a liquor store, purchasing a bottle of Crown Royal.

Returning to the bowling alley, they reportedly drank the Crown Royal in the back part of the parking lot.

Detectives discovered that Moreland had ordered food and expected the victim to cover the cost. When the victim refused to pay, an argument ensued.

Feeling the date was going poorly, the victim dropped Moreland back off at the street corner where he had initially picked him up.

Approximately 20-30 minutes later, the victim received a text from Moreland requesting $45, claiming he had received a ticket. Despite stating he didn’t have the money, the victim decided to pick Moreland up for a conversation. They sat in the victim’s truck, where Moreland proceeded to shoot him multiple times.

Attempting to escape, the victim crashed his truck into a ditch on Jones Road. Emergency responders transported him to a local hospital.

During the investigation, detectives found the bottle of alcohol and shell casings in the truck. Security cameras captured the incident, and a JSO analyst identified Moreland as the person in the footage.

At the time of arrest, Moreland was already in custody at the Brevard County jail for unrelated offenses.

According to JSO’s arrest report, “there is probable cause to believe Moreland was the suspect who committed the attempted armed robbery and attempted murder.”