Deadly Gunshot Probed by Police on Jacksonville's Westside
Image Source: News4JAX

Deadly Gunshot Probed by Police on Jacksonville’s Westside

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office is currently conducting an investigation into a fatal shooting incident that occurred on the Westside of Jacksonville. The incident took place on a Wednesday afternoon in the parking lot of the Madalyn Apartment complex, located near the intersection of Lenox Avenue and Plymouth Street.

Upon their arrival at the scene, law enforcement officers discovered an individual on the ground who had sustained multiple gunshot wounds.

“One guy ran behind the apartment building. I think he was wounded. He jumped the fence. By the time I got to the third apartment building, the taller guy collapsed to the ground,” she said.

The wounded individual was promptly transported to the hospital but, unfortunately, succumbed to their injuries.

Detectives have interviewed individuals who were detained for questioning, but as of now, no arrests have been made in connection with the case.

A witness who was entering the complex at the time of the incident reported hearing several gunshots and observed several men fleeing the area. This witness recounted that the man she saw falling to the ground was the victim of the gunshot.

The victim appeared to have suffered a bullet wound in the upper part of his chest, and police attempted resuscitation three times, but regrettably, the victim did not survive. The victim is described as a male in his 30s, and there is currently no information available regarding the individual seen jumping over a fence.

The witness also mentioned seeing three men fleeing the scene in a black Toyota. She believes the car in question was a Toyota Corolla with lightly tinted windows.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office has not disclosed the circumstances leading up to the shooting, but investigators suspect that the victim may have been specifically targeted.

According to the witness, the deceased victim was a resident of the complex and a father to multiple children. Individuals with any information that could aid in identifying the suspect are urged to contact the police.