Exploring Diversity: Wyoming's Top 5 Cities with Growing Black Populations

Exploring Diversity: Wyoming’s Top 5 Cities with Growing Black Populations

Although Wyoming is well-known for its expansive, sparsely inhabited landscapes, a subtle demographic shift is taking place behind the scenes.

The Black population in the state is gradually growing, and it is mainly concentrated in a few urban areas. You’ve arrived to the correct spot if you’re interested in learning where this growth is taking place.

We will examine the causes of this growth in population as well as the distinctive experiences of Black communities in these developing Wyoming cities.

So grab a seat, and get ready for an adventure that will reveal how Wyoming’s metropolitan landscape is evolving.


With 8,287 residents, Rawlins is a community with a varied demographic makeup. In spite of its diminutive size, it is home to a minority community, with African Americans making up 2.4% of its 200+ inhabitants.

Notably, this number shows a growth of 11.17% from 2010 to the present, suggesting an expanding presence and maybe changing dynamics within the group.

Changes in the population have a significant impact on Rawlins’ cultural landscape and socioeconomic structure, resulting in a diverse range of experiences and viewpoints inside the town.

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With 64,795 residents, Cheyenne is a thriving community with a varied population. There are 1,671 African Americans, or 2.58% of the total population.

Exploring Diversity Wyoming's Top 5 Cities with Growing Black Populations

Interestingly, this shows a notable rise of 36.19% from 2010, suggesting an increasing presence in the city.

This change in the city’s demographics emphasizes how diverse Cheyenne’s population is and how the city is still developing into a multicultural center.

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With 31,735 individuals, Laramie is a diversified city. Of the total population, 311 are African Americans, or 0.98% of the total. However, with a percent change of -16.62%, there has been a discernible decrease in the African American population since 2010.

Even with this decline, Laramie is still a thriving, welcoming community that gives everyone the chance to prosper and add to the vivid fabric of its society and culture.

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African Americans make up a negligible portion of the 6,161-person community of Torrington’s cultural diversity—roughly 0.78%. There are 48 African Americans living in this energetic community, adding to the diverse range of backgrounds and experiences that this town has to offer.

Exploring Diversity Wyoming's Top 5 Cities with Growing Black Populations

The demographics of Torrington are characterized by a blend of different ethnicities, which promotes a multicultural and inclusive atmosphere.

African Americans make up a small percentage of the population, but their presence highlights the town’s variety and dedication to accepting people from all backgrounds.

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With a population of 10,733, Riverton is a diversified village with a relatively modest African American population (97 people, or 0.9% of total residents).

Although Riverton is not a large city, the percentage of African Americans living there has decreased by 12.61% from 2010. The community’s dynamic nature and welcoming attitude haven’t been greatly affected by this transformation, though.

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