Wyoming's Deadly Truth: Murder Rates per Capita Analyzed Across Its Cities

Wyoming’s Deadly Truth: Murder Rates per Capita Analyzed Across Its Cities

Some people might be surprised by Wyoming’s crime figures, given the state is frequently thought of as having vast open landscapes and small communities.

The state’s murder rates are examined in detail in this report, with a focus on individual city analysis.

We can determine which Wyoming localities have the highest murder rates in relation to their population size by examining murder rates per capita.

Green River

There were 113 crimes committed inside the bounds of Green River in the most recent reporting year. With 11,435 residents, this corresponds to a crime rate of 988.2 per 100,000 people.

This demonstrates Green River’s dedication to safety and security as the city’s overall crime rate is impressively 57.48% lower than the national average.

As evidence of its image as a community that puts its residents’ well-being first, Green River is actually ranked as the 11th safest city in Wyoming out of 36 cities.


There is serious concern for the safety of its citizens in Lander, a city in Wyoming that is ranked as the 32nd safest out of the 36 cities.

Lander, which has a population of 7,441, has concerns from the community due to its high crime rate, which is 7.55% more than the national average.

Wyoming's Deadly Truth: Murder Rates per Capita Analyzed Across Its Cities

A startling 2,499.7 total crimes are committed in the city for every 100,000 residents, underscoring the need for swift action to reduce crime and protect the public’s safety.

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With 10,623 people living in it, Riverton is a tiny town in North Wyoming. Regretfully, in the most recent reporting year, 427 reported crimes disrupted the peace in this municipality.

With 4,019.6 total offenses per 100,000 individuals, this alarming number translates to a startling rate that is 72.94% higher than the national average.

Sadly, Riverton comes in last in Wyoming and at the bottom of the safety rankings. It ranks 36th out of all the cities. Even with its beautiful surroundings, the town has a lot of work ahead of it to keep its residents safe and secure.

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A total of 1,783 crimes were committed in Casper during the most recent reporting year, which has 58,244 residents. In other words, the rate of crime is 31.71% greater than the national average, with 3,061.3 offenses per 100,000 persons.

Wyoming's Deadly Truth: Murder Rates per Capita Analyzed Across Its Cities

Casper has an unsettlingly high crime rate in comparison to other towns, even though it is located in a picturesque area of Wyoming. The city is ranked 34th out of 36 in the state.

To ensure the safety and well-being of Casper’s citizens, it could be necessary to focus on public safety and lower the criminality rate.

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In the most recent reporting year, 435 crimes were reported in the 32,009-person city of Laramie. This indicates a comparatively low crime prevalence of 1,359.0 total offenses per 100,000 persons.

Indeed, Laramie’s overall crime rate is 41.53% lower than the national average, indicating a rather safe living environment for its citizens.

Laramie ranks 18th out of 36 communities in a safety ranking for Wyoming, confirming its image as a generally safe neighborhood.

To Conclude

Although they are generally lower than the national average, Wyoming’s murder rates do differ throughout its cities.

While some towns, like Laramie, have excellent safety records, other towns, like Riverton, emphasize the need for major advancements in public safety protocols. Through a city-by-city review of crime data, this report clarifies the unique difficulties that various Wyoming towns face.

Policymakers and law enforcement organizations may find this information invaluable in their efforts to allocate funds and create focused crime prevention plans that will protect the safety and welfare of all Wyoming citizens.

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