Florida Airport Services Firm Announces Closure, Leading to Massive Layoffs in 2024
Image By: The New York Times

Florida Airport Services Firm Announces Closure, Leading to Massive Layoffs in 2024

Veriforce states that airports often get help from outside contractors and third parties to run smoothly. However, these partnerships can be ongoing or temporary. For a central Florida airport, the termination of a contract is leading to the layoff of hundreds of employees.

About Orlando Sanford International Airport: This airport in Central Florida is smaller than Orlando International Airport but serves some of the same areas. On the airport’s website, it says it offers flights to unique locations around the world at a lower cost.

The Contract Termination with Orlando Sanford International Inc.: According to the Orlando Business Journal, the Sanford Airport Authority will end its contract with Orlando Sanford International Inc. in February 2024.

This company was responsible for maintaining the airport’s terminals, and now the airport plans to handle these operations internally.

The Warn Letter Detailing 267 Layoffs: In a Warn letter dated December 1, 2023, Orlando Sanford International Inc. announced it would stop its operations at the airport on February 14, 2024.

Consequently, the company is permanently laying off 267 employees who are not part of a union and don’t have bumping rights. The letter didn’t discuss where these employees might find future employment.

Some job titles of the laid-off employees include dispatchers, parking staff, cleaning services, ramp workers, maintenance technicians, ramp agents, and fueling agents.

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