Charges Filed Against Mother of 11-Year-Old Who Shot Two Children in Central Florida

Charges Filed Against Mother of 11-Year-Old Who Shot Two Children in Central Florida

The State Attorney’s Office for the Ninth Judicial Circuit has officially charged Sharelle Johnson for her involvement in a shooting that harmed two children during a Pop Warner football practice in October 2023.

The mother from Central Florida is accused of Culpable Negligence, a third-degree felony with a potential punishment of up to five years in the Florida Department of Corrections.

Authorities claim her son took a gun from the car and shot two teenagers after an argument at a football practice in Apopka, near Orlando.

On October 2, 2023, Ms. Johnson’s 11-year-old son accessed a loaded firearm from an insecure cardboard box left in her vehicle. This resulted in two children being shot and injured. The cardboard box, which was worn and tattered, lacked safety locks or fasteners and was easily reachable.

According to Florida Statute 784.05, a person can be charged with culpable negligence for storing a loaded firearm within easy reach of a minor, leading to the minor using the firearm to cause injury or death.

State Attorney Andrew Bain’s office collaborated with the Apopka Police Department from the beginning of the case to establish facts and evidence, ensuring accountability for all involved.

The State Attorney’s office commended the investigative efforts and expressed eagerness to continue their partnership with local law enforcement.

Johnson was arrested by Orange County deputies and is currently in custody.

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