Florida Apartment Intruder Shoots and Kills Father in Shocking Incident

Florida Apartment Intruder Shoots and Kills Father in Shocking Incident

According to the police, a disturbing incident took place in a Florida apartment where an intruder shot and killed a father, causing his terrified children to hide in a bedroom.

The authorities have apprehended a 22-year-old named Solomon Sadiq on Tuesday as part of their investigation into the shooting, which occurred shortly after midnight on Saturday.

Reportedly, the parents had left their 10-year-old daughter and other children alone at home while they went to a nearby store. When someone knocked on the door, the 10-year-old, assuming it was her parents, opened it.

However, instead of her parents, a man forcibly entered, claiming that he needed to charge his cell phone. The children immediately fled and took shelter in a bedroom, while the girl contacted her parents to inform them about the intruder inside their home.

Upon receiving the call, the parents rushed back home, with the mother seeking help from a neighbor and the father entering the apartment.

Tragically, the father was shot by Sadiq in the hallway as he tried to escape, resulting in his death. Police arrived at the scene to discover the lifeless body of the father in the hallway. Sadiq’s arrest was facilitated by physical evidence and surveillance footage.

Additionally, it was revealed that he was in possession of a stolen handgun and even attempted to seize an officer’s weapon during his arrest.

Authorities have confirmed that the victim had no prior acquaintance with Sadiq. The suspect is currently being held without bail and faces charges including homicide and resisting an officer without violence.

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