Florida Job Market Takes Hit with Distribution Center Closure and Layoffs

Florida Job Market Takes Hit with Distribution Center Closure and Layoffs

In accordance with Inbound Logistics, Florida proves to be a prime location for distribution companies, as it handles over $190 billion worth of goods through its ports and airports.

Seacoast Bank notes that Florida boasts a substantial labor force for distribution centers seeking opportunities in the Sunshine State. However, despite these favorable conditions, a distribution center in Florida is regrettably shutting down, resulting in the workforce facing layoffs.

Essendant Co., formerly known as United Stationers, operates as a distribution expert, facilitating the growth of resellers and manufacturers. The company, recognized as a leader in next-day delivery, has three locations in Florida—Tampa, Orlando, and Medley (Miami area).

However, a recent Warn Letter dated November 29, 2023, revealed plans to close the Medley location in January 2024, resulting in the permanent termination of all 47 employees.

Despite this impending closure, Google reviews for the Medley facility, conducted by both employees and truck drivers, currently reflect a positive sentiment.

The facility received an overall rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars, with no indication that reviewers were aware of the impending closure.

Many truck drivers who shared their experiences highlighted the facility’s efficiency, noting quick loading times and friendly and effective employees.

It’s worth noting that the Medley closure is not an isolated event in 2023. Earlier in the summer, Essendant Co. also closed its Memphis location, leading to the layoffs of 70 employees, as reported by The Memphis Business Journal.

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