Florida Man Arrested for Allegedly Killing Sister Over Electric Bill

Florida Man Arrested for Allegedly Killing Sister Over Electric Bill

An electricity bill became the focal point of a tragic altercation last week involving a Florida brother and his two sisters.

According to Local 10, Rowby Severe in Orange County, Florida, confessed to fatally assaulting his older sister during a heated dispute regarding the electricity bill.

The 37-year-old used a firearm to harm both of his sisters, ultimately shooting his 40-year-old sister, Magael Brown, in the head. Subsequently, Severe dialed 911 for assistance.

When law enforcement officers arrived at the Pine Hills Area residence in Orange County on August 23, they discovered Brown deceased in a bedroom.

Severe was placed in custody without bail as of Thursday. According to Orange County records, he faces charges of first-degree murder and aggravated battery.

No information has been disclosed about forthcoming court proceedings or the potential length of his sentence. The exact amount of the electricity bill remains undisclosed.

MEAWW reported that an investigator from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, handling the case, mentioned that the brother and sister had been experiencing ongoing conflicts.

Court documents apparently reveal that they had been feuding for years over their late mother’s property.

According to the documents, Brown opposed selling the house, while her brother and another sister had a different opinion, leading to lawsuits between them.

In this incident, Brown accused Severe of hitting her, while Severe alleged that she had grabbed his arm. Severe was initially arrested for battery, but the state attorney’s office dropped the case due to an inability to determine fault.

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