From Escape to Arrest The Chase for Houston County Inmate Ends in Motel 6!

From Escape to Arrest: The Chase for Houston County Inmate Ends in Motel 6!

HOUSTON COUNTY, Ala – A guy who confessed to escaping from the Houston County Jail and was given probation may now face further charges in a county that is next to Houston County. The defendant is 25 years old.

After pleading guilty to the charge of escape from the Houston County Jail on March 25, Chase Christian Miller was sentenced to probation for a period of 36 months.

Miller was able to escape from the jail when he was on kitchen duty due to a malfunctioning exterior gate in the courtyard of the jail.

In addition, Miller was able to get a head start on the deputies searching for him due to another malfunctioning camera in the courtyard. He was taken into custody in Enterprise the next day on Rucker Boulevard.

Donald Valenza, the sheriff of Houston County, said during a news conference that this was the first time an inmate had escaped from his facility and that he was unhappy that Miller had been placed on trustee status. Because of this, he was granted some privileges, such as working in the kitchen.

Miller also entered a guilty plea to a charge of receiving stolen goods in the first degree, which was unconnected to the other charges.

Miller will be promptly moved to Ozark to face charges after being designated the primary suspect in the robbery of a Midland City Convenience Store in February. Once released from detention in Houston County to fulfill his probation, Miller will be transferred to serve his sentence in Ozark.

Miller is accused of drawing a pistol on the shop clerk early in the morning of February 6 and running away with an unknown quantity of cash. The incident allegedly took place.

Miller was ultimately apprehended at a Motel 6 in Dothan after being on the run for over two days. A patrol officer recognized the description of a vehicle that Miller was reportedly driving, which led to Miller’s capture.

It is not clear what specific charges will be brought against Miller in the Dale County court.

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