From Shores to Plates Panama City Beach's Seafood Sensations

From Shores to Plates: Panama City Beach’s Seafood Sensations

Picture yourself with the warm Florida sun on your skin, the soft sound of the Gulf waves caressing your ears, and the delicious scent of fresh seafood filling the air. Greetings from Panama City Beach, a paradise for lovers of the sea and the beach!

This lively seaside town has emerald waters and sugar-white sands, but its food scene is just as alluring. We’ll delve into the realm of locally inspired cuisine, fresh seafood, and the greatest places to enjoy the abundance of the sea.

So be ready to pique your interest as we explore Panama City Beach’s delicious seafood scene!


In 1985, Jim Cannon opened Schooners on Panama City Beach. Schooners is crowded with hungry customers throughout the day. Furthermore, it provides live entertainment that uplifts the spirits.

Even better, you may unwind and enjoy the beautiful sunset while dining at this beachside restaurant. Sample one of their well-known meals, the Grouper Sandwich, and enjoy it. You have the option of grilling, blackening, or frying your grouper.

Lover of seafood can savor their Beach Party, which consists of Mahi Mahi, prawns, and oysters.

Bayou Bill’s Crab House

Since 1986, Bayou Bill’s Crab House has been a part of the community’s customs. It serves a range of seafood meals, including grilled, broiled, and raw. After dining, Big Jacks Gator Park offers the opportunity to interact and snap pictures with real alligators.

From Shores to Plates Panama City Beach's Seafood Sensations

One of their best-selling meals is their Blackened Fish. The combination of lemon butter and cajun-rolled seared filets gives it a tangy, delicious, and somewhat spicy taste.

If you’d rather have your seafood steamed, have their Blue Crabs seasoned with Old Bay.

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The Back Porch Seafood & Oyster House

Since 1974, Panama City Beach has been served by The Back Porch Seafood & Oyster House. This seafood restaurant in Panama City Beach’s downtown is well-known for its raw oysters.

In addition to meals, it has a large selection of products, mostly memento T-shirts. It also boasts a lively location with a welcoming vibe and a beautiful view of the beach. A trip wouldn’t be complete without sampling their renowned Chargrilled Amberjack.

This was the first restaurant to serve this delectable delicacy. Try one of their specialties, the Back Porch Mahi with shrimp stuffings, as well.

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Shrimp Basket

In 1993, Eddie Spence and Steve Cheek established Shrimp Basket. In addition to grilled and steamed foods, its specialty is fried fish. A fantastic selection of wines, beers, and cocktails is also available to help elevate your mood and appetite.

From Shores to Plates Panama City Beach's Seafood Sensations

Their delicate and sweet aromas make their Coconut Shrimp an appetizer that you simply must try. Try their Stuffed Flounder, one of their signature dishes. Its breaded and fried fish is served with cajun cream sauce, shrimp slaw, and southern crab dressing.

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Dee’s Hang Out

In 2008, Chef Dee Brown and his spouse, Brenda, established Dee’s Hang Out. The best seafood restaurant in the area is Dee’s Hang Out, if you’re visiting Shoppes visiting Edgewater.

It serves delicious Cajun and Creole food with flavors that are unique. Their delicious Carolina Style She-Crab Soup will warm your tummy. After that, enjoy their Mahi-Mahi platter with some delectable French bread.

Its flaky, juicy, and delicious Mahi Mahi makes every mouthful a treat.

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To Conclude

Beyond being a haven for beach lovers, Panama City Beach is also a seafood lover’s dream come true! Every palate will be tempted by something at Shrimp Basket, from the traditional comfort of fried fish to the creative flavors of Dee’s Hang Out.

So, fill up on the fresh catches that Panama City Beach has to offer, enjoy the sun, and come hungry. Your taste buds will be appreciative!

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