Homicide Charge Added for North Dakota Senator's Son in Fatal Crash
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Homicide Charge Added for North Dakota Senator’s Son in Fatal Crash

Ian Cramer, the son of North Dakota Republican Senator Kevin Cramer, is now facing an additional charge of homicide while fleeing a peace officer. This comes after he was involved in a car chase that resulted in the death of a sheriff’s deputy.

Initial charges of manslaughter were brought against Cramer for the incident on December 6. He is accused of fleeing from law enforcement, crashing into an unoccupied patrol vehicle, which then struck and killed a deputy.

The pursuit started when law enforcement in Hazen approached Cramer, who was driving a stolen Chevy Tahoe reported in Bismarck. During the chase, Cramer collided with an unoccupied Mercer County Sheriff’s Office patrol vehicle parked on the side of the road.

Deputy Paul Martin, 53, who was outside the vehicle about to deploy a tire deflation device, was killed when the crash pushed the patrol vehicle into him.

In addition to the new homicide charge, Cramer faces felony charges for preventing arrest, reckless endangerment, and fleeing from an officer during the commission of a felony.

Court records also show misdemeanor charges for possession of methamphetamine and cocaine, along with an infraction for possession of marijuana. Cramer’s attorney has not yet commented, and his next court appearance is scheduled for December 18.

Senator Cramer disclosed last week that his son suffers from severe mental disorders, including paranoia and hallucinations. On Wednesday, Ian Cramer was taken to an emergency room in Bismarck by the senator’s wife, Kris.

“When she got out of our vehicle, Ian jumped into the driver’s seat and fled,” Sen. Cramer said.

The senator mentioned that the family used his wife’s cell phone to find the car and assist the police in finding his son.

“We grieve especially for the family of the hero who tried to help Ian, and we pray for our gracious God to show up as He always does in tragedy,” Sen. Cramer said.

Martin, who worked for the sheriff’s office for 18 years, is survived by his wife and three children.

A Facebook message from NDHP read, “NDHP honors the memory and sacrifice of Mercer County Deputy Paul Martin and sends condolences to his family, friends, and the entire Mercer County community.”

Source: CNN

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