Tragic Miami Condo Shooting: Man Storms In, Fatally Shoots Ex and Her Daughter

Tragic Miami Condo Shooting: Man Storms in, Fatally Shoots Ex and Her Daughter

A man, identified as Carlos Alexander Travieso, allegedly entered a Miami condo and shot and killed his ex-girlfriend, Irisbel de la Caridad Cartalla Rivera (50), and her daughter, Isbelsy de la Caridad Olivera Cartalla (22), on Wednesday.

The incident occurred when he took advantage of a guest’s arrival to swiftly enter their apartment. Travieso has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder and is currently held at Miami-Dade County’s Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center without bail, as per jail records.

Security footage shows him walking around the Yolanda Villas Condo half an hour before the shooting and rushing into Cartalla Rivera’s apartment after she opened the door for a woman who had come to get her nails done.

“He was hiding behind one of the stairways,” Vega said. “When they open the door, the lady who was going for her appointment walks in and he rushes in right behind her.”

Travieso forcefully entered the place, captured by security cameras as he pulled out a gun, according to the police in his arrest report.

At around 9 a.m., Travieso allegedly shot and killed two women, while a guest managed to escape unharmed. When emergency responders arrived, they discovered the mother and daughter unconscious with gunshot wounds. Both were pronounced dead at the scene. Cartalla Rivera’s birthday was in three days, and Olivera Cartalla’s was next week.

As the police started investigating, they received a call from the West Miami Police Department. Travieso had surrendered himself at their station, confessing to shooting both women, as per the police. A witness who was at the location for a nail appointment told the police that she saw Travieso shooting Cartalla Rivera before she fled.

Authorities have not disclosed the motive behind Travieso’s actions, and the details of what he told investigators were omitted from the arrest report.

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