Immigration Officer Convicted for Voyeurism Caught Filming Up Flight Attendant's Skirt

Immigration Officer Convicted for Voyeurism: Caught Filming Up Flight Attendant’s Skirt

After being found guilty of using a cellphone camera to take a picture of a flight attendant’s skirt while escorting an immigrant who was being deported, a federal immigration officer faces the possibility of serving time in prison.

Billy Olvera, 48, was found guilty on Wednesday in a federal court in Miami of interfering with a flight crew, a crime that carries a maximum 20-year prison sentence, though it seems unlikely that the Laredo, Texas, native would receive that harsh of a term.

He is out on bond and his sentencing is set for August.

Olvera, a deportation officer with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and his deportee were traveling from Dallas to Miami on an American Airlines flight on November 6, 2023, when a flight attendant noticed that he was holding his cellphone in the aisle with its face pointed toward the ceiling every time she passed him, according to the prosecution.

The next time the victim passed by, she alerted a colleague, who recorded him on camera. The pilot was then informed, and he informed the police.

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The aircraft arrived in Miami, and Olvera was taken into custody. Many images and videos of the victim and other people attempting to shoot up her skirt were discovered when he searched his phone.

“Mr. Olvera is sincerely remorseful. Mr. Olvera deeply regrets his actions and prays for forgiveness from all those involved,” his attorney, Robert Malove, stated on Friday. 

He stated that there will be no verdict appeal.

When asked via email on Friday whether Olvera is still employed by ICE and if he has a history of wrongdoing, immigration officials did not immediately reply.


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