Israeli Diplomat's Son Faces Assault After Returning to Miami-Dade Jail

Israeli Diplomat’s Son Faces Assault After Returning to Miami-Dade Jail

Nineteen-year-old Avraham Gil, who faced accusations of running over a Sunny Isles Beach police officer with his motorcycle, returned to the Miami-Dade County jail to take a new mug shot after a judge mandated house arrest for him.

During his time in a holding cell on Wednesday, he reportedly became the victim of an assault by another inmate, 32-year-old Blake Elvis Ermus, over a peculiar dispute involving sausages, according to authorities.

Gil, a resident of Aventura, gained national attention when his attorneys attempted, unsuccessfully, to argue for diplomatic immunity following his late January arrest. His father is employed at the Israeli consulate in Miami.

Prosecutors had sought house arrest for Gil, citing him as a public danger due to his driving record, which included previous traffic violations in Miami Shores.

Investigators were informed by Gil that he “was having a conversation with the defendant (Ermus) about the ingredients of the sausages. At some point, the defendant approached the victim and punched him multiple times.”

In custody for a domestic violence charge was Ermus, a resident of North Miami. He is currently accused of assaulting a prisoner.

Gil continues to be charged with aggravated battery on a law enforcement official and violently resisted an officer.


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