Jupiter Man Faces Serious Charges After Distressing Assault and Attempted Murder

Jupiter Man Faces Serious Charges After Distressing Assault and Attempted Murder

JUPITER, Fla. — Jose Malagon, aged 59, stood before a judge in Palm Beach County on charges of attempted murder, assault, aggravated battery, and kidnapping. These charges stemmed from a distressing incident involving a woman who had intended to become his roommate but rejected his advances.

According to the arrest report, a family member of Malagon contacted 911 on Tuesday morning, revealing that Malagon had left a message the previous night confessing to shooting the woman and expressing intent to end his own life.

During the call, the family member desperately tried to dissuade him, while in the background, the woman could be heard pleading for assistance.

Investigators stated that the victim had found the apartment through a service and moved in with Malagon several months earlier, without having engaged in a sexual relationship.

According to the report, the victim recounted that upon returning home on Monday night, Malagon accused her of ruining his life due to her refusal to have sexual relations with him.

The report further detailed that Malagon shot her in the back, causing paralysis, and proceeded to sexually assault and inflict torture upon her. He then stole her money and left to purchase beer.

Upon his return, the report indicated that Malagon sadistically taunted her with a knife as she lay immobilized on the floor, expressing his desire to witness her suffering and slow demise.

The victim recounted an additional attempt by Malagon to shoot her, which she thwarted by grabbing his hands, causing the bullet to strike his hand instead.

The following morning, deputies arrived after the 911 call, eventually persuading Malagon to surrender. They then rescued the woman, who was later airlifted to St. Mary’s Medical Center trauma unit.

During the court proceedings, attorneys revealed that the 911 caller was actually Malagon’s son. Attempts to reach the son and other relatives proved unsuccessful, as no one was present at their listed residences.

A neighbor disclosed that one of Malagon’s sons lived with him. The judge cautioned against discussing the case with any potential witnesses.

Malagon had been employed as a manager at Eastern Pipeline in Hobe Sound from 1994 to 2015. His former boss expressed surprise at his arrest, as Malagon was considered “always a good guy.”

The sheriff’s office reported that the victim’s condition was critical yet stable, and her survival was anticipated.

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