Just 21% of Voters Approve of Matt Gaetz, Named Florida’s Politician of the Year for 2024

Just 21% of Voters Approve of Matt Gaetz, Named Florida’s Politician of the Year for 2024

On December 28, a report surfaced, designating Congressman Matt Gaetz as Florida’s most vocal and controversial Republican and naming him the politician of the year for 2024.

While Gaetz’s selection is contentious, the survey points to several factors contributing to his recognition, including his recent determined pursuit of Kevin McCarthy, leading to McCarthy’s removal as Speaker of the House.

Interestingly, the nomination persists despite recent indications that Gaetz isn’t well-regarded among his peers.

Just 21% of Voters Approve of Matt Gaetz, Named Florida’s Politician of the Year for 2024

Crucially, the report from December 28 doesn’t specify whether Gaetz’s selection is rooted in his congressional achievements.

Instead, it suggests that his nomination revolves around his outspoken and assertive nature, emphasizing his eagerness to take action and champion causes he believes in, irrespective of others’ opinions.

Gaetz expressed his delight at the designation and shared personal highlights from the nomination on Twitter.

According to the statement Gaetz posted, this is what he seems to agree with the most:

“Gaetz may have enemies in his caucus and beyond, but he remains supported at home, according to those closely involved in politics in the Panhandle.”

The manner in which that support becomes evident is also uncertain. Just a month ago, a survey of Florida voters conducted by Florida Atlantic University showed that the majority of respondents view Gaetz unfavorably in the Sunshine State.

Only 21% of voters had a favorable opinion of Gaetz, while 67% characterized the Florida ‘firebrand’ as unfavorable.

Congress is Not Friendly to Gaetz

Although local Florida politicians may view Gaetz favorably, his standing within the Republican Party has been steadily declining. Many active politicians in the party have been eager to distance themselves from him.

Gaetz’s fall from grace can be attributed to his role in initiating the removal of Kevin McCarthy from the position of Speaker of the House.

While he initially welcomed the appointment of Mike Johnson to the position, he has since expressed disappointment with the actions of the Louisiana Republican, particularly regarding impeachment proceedings against President Joe Biden.

Despite facing regular and sharp criticism, Gaetz appears undeterred and unapologetic, continuing his activities seemingly oblivious to the disapproval from his peers. In recent days, he has criticized fellow Republicans for not offering sufficient support to the former one-term president, Donald Trump.

Gaetz is Gaining More Adversaries

Gaetz frequently faces criticism from fellow Republicans, and even those considered his allies have publicly censured him. McCarthy himself has accused Gaetz of being “narcissistic.” Another Republican, Rep. Mike Lawler of New York, went a step further, branding Gaetz as “a vile person” who “lies directly to folks.”

In recent times, Gaetz has maintained a feud with Republican Senator Markwayne Mullin of Ohio, alleging that Mullin is shielding President Biden and engaging in insider trading for financial gain.

Notably, he has also drawn scrutiny from figures on the fringes of the MAGA Republican movement, including the self-proclaimed Q-Shaman Jacob Chansley.

Chansley publicly criticized Gaetz for avoiding him at a recent Turning Point event in Arizona.

Despite being named ‘Politician of the Year,’ it appears that Gaetz still has some work to do to gain genuine popularity.

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