Lee County Crime Alert Arrests Made in North Fort Myers Arcade Theft

Lee County Crime Alert: Arrests Made in North Fort Myers Arcade Theft

NORTH FORT MYERS, Fla. — Four men, namely Tanorris Rogers, Timothy Ward, Rayshon Garvin, and Jon Gordon were arrested by the Lee County Sheriff’s Office for stealing from an arcade located in North Fort Myers.

The individuals are accused of employing skimming devices to illicitly obtain money from the Starz Arcade on North Tamiami Trail. According to reports, the group visited the arcade on both Saturday and Monday.

Trish Routte, the Crime Stoppers manager, stated that this type of activity is frequently observed, where criminals target a business, make off with a substantial amount of money, and then return periodically until apprehended.

An employee grew suspicious when the group attempted to cash out higher sums of money than what was typical for the arcade machines. Another employee claimed to have witnessed one of the individuals in possession of the skimming device.

Routte mentioned that these devices are relatively inexpensive for criminals to acquire on the black market.

Arrest reports revealed that the suspects used the skimming devices on each slot machine to accumulate credits. The three individuals captured on camera using the devices collectively deposited $2,060 fraudulently and made withdrawals amounting to $1,102.

Deputies discovered the skimming devices discarded in a dumpster at an industrial park on North Fork Drive. A nearby business provided surveillance footage that showed Jon Gordon in the vicinity earlier that day.

Routte explained that it is typical for criminals to use the devices to extract what they desire and then discard them.

According to the arrest records available on the sheriff’s office website, all four men have been released from jail.

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