New Alabama Laws Set to Crack Down on Exhibition Driving Stricter Penalties Ahead

New Alabama Laws Set to Crack Down on Exhibition Driving: Stricter Penalties Ahead

BIRMINGHAM, Ala.  — Two new laws in Alabama, set to be enforced in August, aim to impose stricter penalties on individuals engaged in exhibition driving.

Leaders in the Birmingham area and across the state are working towards eradicating this dangerous driving practice in cities statewide.

House Bill 29, sponsored by State Rep. Allen Treadaway, introduces the possibility of felony charges and imprisonment for drivers who cause injury or death to individuals involved in exhibition driving.

State Rep. Juandalynn Givan is the sponsor of House Bill 107, which grants police the authority to seize the vehicles of individuals caught engaging in exhibition driving.

Given stated that these laws empower law enforcement to take decisive action against exhibition driving, addressing the concerns expressed by officers who are weary of such behavior. She plans to organize a town hall event in Birmingham to educate the community about these two new laws.

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