Luke Combs Scratch-off Game Pays Out $200,000 to Lucky Winner!

Luke Combs Scratch-off Game Pays Out $200,000 to Lucky Winner!

A man from North Carolina got lucky when he won the top prize in a new scratch-off game with country star Luke Combs on the front.

The winner, Emmanuel Glover of Fayetteville, scratched off a $5 Living Lucky with Luke Combs ticket on April 21 and won the top prize of $200,000. The North Carolina Education Lottery announced this in a news release on Thursday.

Glover said in a statement, “I had to blink a few times to make sure it was real.” “After that, we went about our day trying to keep it together.”

Lottery officials said that Glover got the winning ticket at the Antioch Food Mart in Oxford.

Glover went to the lottery offices to get his money. After state and federal taxes, he was left with $142,501.

Lottery officials said that the “Living Lucky with Luke Combs” game, which features the North Carolina native, started this month with five prizes of $200,000. Three gifts of $200,000 have not yet been claimed.

People who buy tickets from the offer can join two second-chance drawings for a chance to win a trip to Nashville, Tennessee, where they could win $500,000 at a Combs show.

Glover told lottery officials, “I love to go out of my comfort zone and try new things.” “If I win, I’ll enjoy my trip down there.”

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