Breaking News Severe Storm Causes Tree to Smash Car Windshield!

Breaking News: Severe Storm Causes Tree to Smash Car Windshield!

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – At least one person was hurt when a tree crashed through the windshield of their car on Thursday evening.

According to incident maps created by the Florida Highway Patrol and the Tallahassee Police Department, it took place on Thomasville Road in the vicinity of Cherokee Plantation Road in the northern portion of Leon County soon before 7 p.m.

During the period in question, the area was being traversed by severe storms.

According to Patricia Jefferson-Shaw, a master corporal with the Florida Highway Patrol, the event was reported as a “possible trauma alert,” and the wounded individual was transported to Tallahassee Memorial Hospital, where they were stabilized after receiving treatment.

After being shut for several hours, the northbound lanes of Thomasville Road that go into Georgia eventually became accessible at 9 p.m., although traffic in that direction was moving very slowly. The highways heading south were not closed.

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