Tallahassee Police Investigate Man Cutting Chunks of Women's Hair
Image By: Tallahassee Democrat

Tallahassee Police Investigate Man Cutting Chunks of Women’s Hair

Tallahassee police reported on Tuesday that a 26-year-old man who was characterized by witnesses as “creepy” had secretly chopped off large portions of the hair of two different ladies using scissors and a trimmer.

He was checked into and released from the Leon County Detention Facility on Tuesday morning after being charged with misdemeanor violence. (Those detained on misdemeanor charges are not identified by The Tallahassee Democrat.)

As per the court documents, the following occurred:

A clump of the woman’s hair fell into her hands last month while she was out dancing with her sister and friends at Fire Betty’s “Pop Punk and Emo Night” in Midtown Tallahassee. Upon closer inspection, her sister’s boyfriend saw that the hair had been chopped off.

The victim met with Tallahassee Police Department security and then the bar’s security. She paid $50 to get her hair fixed in the interim, and as a result, she developed panic attacks and nightmares. Additionally, “out of fear and shame,” she began to stay at home.

Facebook posts by the woman’s sister said what “happened in seconds and she never felt anyone touch her.” If any women were planned to visit any clubs in Midtown Tallahassee, she advised them to exercise caution.

Not too long afterward, another woman did the same thing.

Another victim appears, her hair covertly chopped.

The other victim described how she had experienced the same incident a few months earlier and speculated that it might have been the same guy.

That woman actually claimed to have been pals with the man.

Following a night out at another pub in February with a ’emo’ theme, she stated a group of pals returned to the suspected hair cutter’s residence.

“While socializing at the bar, several witnesses stated (the man) was acting ‘creepy’ due to him volunteering to cut some females’ hair and talking about him liking short hair on girls,” according to court documents.

She replied she wanted to keep her hair longer when he began to play with it and encourage her to let him shave or clip it. The woman returned home eventually, and when she awoke the following morning, “several large sections of her hair had been cut off.”

She spent $150 to save her hair after avoiding going anyplace and experiencing nightmares over the occurrence.

“Butchered” woman’s hair, bartender remarks.

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While working as a bartender in Fire Betty’s back bar, Magdalena Dentriades was unaware of the woman receiving an unwanted haircut. That being said, word quickly got out.

“She was very, very upset about the whole thing,” Dentriades stated. “I feel terrible about it. That’s just awful.”

She said that Pop Punk and Emo Night is one of the bar’s most well-liked events, therefore it was really crowded inside.

Dentriades claimed she could “totally see how someone could’ve quickly gotten away with it” in a crowded area. It is unimaginable for me to be dancing in the middle of a crowd and then suddenly have my ponytail pulled back.” She went silent, but said that it seemed as though someone had “butchered her.”

The individual was ultimately recognized and brought in for interrogation by detectives after both victims reported themselves to the police. He “became sick while confessing” and puked throughout the interview, according to court documents.

He claimed that while the victim’s hair was cut with electric trimmers at Fire Betty’s, it was cut with a pair of scissors at his flat.

He acknowledged to the investigators that he had no idea why he had done it, but he did admit that “when his anxiety was combined with alcohol consumption, he did have social anxiety when he went out and believed he cut their hair.”

The nonconsensual hair cutting “is a crime, and we will investigate it fully,” according to TPD spokesperson Heather Merritt. We consider it to be quite important.”


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