DeSantis Faces Challenges as Legislative Session Approaches
Image By: WUSF

DeSantis Faces Challenges as Legislative Session Approaches

In the last session of the Florida legislature, Governor Ron DeSantis, with strong support from the Republican majority, played a significant role.

However, as the next session begins on January 9, it seems like DeSantis may not have the same level of control over Tallahassee.

During the 2023 session, most of DeSantis’ proposals were approved by state lawmakers. But things might be different in the upcoming session, according to political journalist William March.

March suggested that the governor’s decline in popularity in recent presidential primary polls could make him more of a lame duck governor, reducing his influence in Tallahassee.

“Now that his candidacy does not appear to be going was well as expected, the question is whether that will affect his standing with the other legislators,” March added.

A few days after starting the sessions, DeSantis plans to be in Iowa for the caucuses and other early primary states. March mentioned that this, along with the governor being away from Florida for a long time, could be a factor.

“He’s likely to be out of the state for much of the session campaigning,” March stated. “If he comes back to Florida as a loser, then it could easily affect the legislators’ deference to his agenda.”

The 60-day session is scheduled to end at the start of March.