Mexican Government Takes Legal Action Against Arizona Gun Shops

Mexican Government Takes Legal Action Against Arizona Gun Shops

The outbreak of gun violence in Mexico is being attributed by the Mexican authorities to American gun retailers.

Authorities are currently suing five gun stores in Arizona, claiming that the sales of firearms and ammunition were made negligently.

A federal judge in the United States granted the Mexican government permission to proceed with its lawsuit against American gun dealers, marking the first decision of its sort.

According to the complaint, Sprague’s Sports, SNG Tactical, The Hub Gun Store, Ammo A-Z, and Diamondback Shooting Sports are all mentioned in the lawsuit.

According to the lawsuit, the gun retailers disregarded a number of warning signs and went on and bought guns in bulk and repeatedly, even though the firearms ended up in Mexico.

Jonathan Lowy is a co-counselor for the Mexican government and the head of Global Action on Gun Violence. According to him, American firearms make up over 70% of those found at crime sites in Mexico.

“If you are a gun seller you have reason to know your guns are sought after by criminals,” Lowy stated.

According to Mexican government estimates, the targeted establishments are part of a bigger problem where hundreds of firearms are illegally trafficked into Mexico annually.

A recent measure filed in Congress claims that every year, more than 500,000 firearms created in the United States are exported to countries south of the border.

“Mexico wants to stop the flow of crime guns into its country,” Lowy stated.

The defendants point the finger at independent third-party activity in court documents.

Yuma Coin and Gun Shop has been in operation for more than 40 years, and Michael Brick is the owner. Although his store is not named in the lawsuit, he is defending his rivals.

“Well as far as responsible, that’s a big word. Let’s put it this way, yes, I am sure I have sold a gun that has gone to Mexico, but do we try to stop this? Yes we do. Do we do a background check on these people, yes we do,” he stated.