Internet Reacts to Marjorie Taylor Greene's Earthquake-Inducing 'Repent' Tweet

Internet Reacts to Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Earthquake-Inducing ‘Repent’ Tweet

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R) of Georgia stunned the internet on Friday by claiming that God was telling people to repent in light of the impending eclipse on Monday and the earthquake that struck New York.

On Friday, the Georgia Republican indicated that the natural phenomena had a deeper significance on X, the former Twitter. In her message, she even used the G-word.

“God is sending America strong signs to tell us to repent,” she wrote. “Earthquakes and eclipses and many more things to come. I pray that our country listens.”

God declined to reply, presumably because he was too busy selecting the NCAA Tournament champions, but people on social media shared their reactions to Greene’s tweet.

Naturally, someone pointed out that, given how near the earthquake was to former President Donald Trump’s Bedminster golf resort, God might be speaking.

Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.), Greene’s former colleague, attempted to clarify that eclipses and earthquakes are normal occurrences and are most likely not omens of the hereafter.

Some others said that Greene should “stop being a horrible person” if God is indeed giving him a message.