Miami Mother Faces Allegations of Assaulting Daughter with Glass Object Over Untidy Room

Miami Mother Faces Allegations of Assaulting Daughter with Glass Object Over Untidy Room

A Miami woman may have to do some time in jail after it was reported by the police that she beat her daughter in the head with a glass container because the daughter had neglected to clean her room.

The Miami Police Department’s arrest record states that Tasha Shirlene Gordon, 33, is charged with one count of aggravated battery causing serious bodily harm.

Just after 6:30 p.m. on Monday, Miami police responded to a domestic disturbance in emergency mode at a residence close to the 1400 block of Northwest 44th Street in the Liberty City neighborhood.

Gordon, who lived in the same home as the girl and was recognized by the police as her mother, reportedly yelled, “I want my daughter out of the house!” to the policemen as she approached them at the front door.

While Miami police stayed with Gordon on the front porch of the house, other officers were called to the back room, where they discovered the victim sobbing viscerally on her knees, her head resting on a mattress, and her mouth hanging open from pain in the back of her head, according to the report.

The victim reportedly told police that they were struck by a glass jar. The victim was transported by ambulance to Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Gordon was questioned about the incident, and she said that her daughter’s refusal to clean her room led to an argument between the two of them.

Gordon stated that she told the victim to tidy up and told her younger siblings to collect the victim’s possessions in a trash bag after the victim threw a griddle on the ground.

Gordon that the victim went to her room after that and started damaging things, which sparked a confrontation between them, as to the police report.

According to her arrest report, Gordon told police that as the victim entered the room with her head down, she was carrying two glass containers, and one of them “somehow fell on the victim’s head.”

Several kids were in the room when the fight broke out, according to the police. Gordon hit the victim in the back of the head with a medium-sized glass vase, breaking it, according to the oldest female kid.

Gordon was apprehended without any additional mishap.

Investigators added that Kemar Porter, Gordon’s spouse, noticed glass strewn all over the place and felt compelled to clean it up.

According to Gordon’s police report, she is six months pregnant and that this is the first time she has physically fought with the victim.

Her bond has not been set, and as of Tuesday, she was being held at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center.