Miami Teen Faces Charges for Alleged Molotov Cocktail Attack on Brother's Ex's Car

Miami Teen Faces Charges for Alleged Molotov Cocktail Attack on Brother’s Ex’s Car

A 17-year-old named Dinio Ramos, who is accused of setting fire to his twin brother’s ex-girlfriend’s car using a Molotov cocktail in Miami, is now confronting significant charges. Records from Miami-Dade jail indicate that Ramos was arrested on Thursday, and the charges against him include arson, possession of a firebomb, and criminal mischief.

According to Miami Police Department spokesperson Michael Vega, “(Ramos) wanted them to break up, and he thought that by doing this, it would cause him to break up.” “Eventually it did.”

Evidence indicates that a Molotov cocktail was discovered near the victim’s vehicle, accompanied by messages containing images of her car ablaze.

NBC6 obtained a video capturing the moment Ramos, as per police statements, poured a liquid onto the back of a car. Wearing gloves, he ignited the liquid, stepped back, and continued recording.

According to records, Ramos was found in possession of a backpack containing tape, nails, gloves, canned heat, a hand saw, and matches at one point.

The victim’s father, Juan Carlos Asencio, informed NBC6 that his daughter was reluctant to leave the house, refusing to attend school due to panic. The car sustained severe damage, and homemade explosives were discovered on the property.

Asencio reported finding nails scattered around after the Molotov cocktails exploded, leaving residue on the sidewalk.

Police stated that Ramos admitted to committing the crime.

“The defendant acknowledged he could have caused a house fire, possibly killing several people,” Vega stated. “They also found several items in the house, including a box of nails, latex gloves.”

In court on Friday, Ramos—who is being charged as an adult—was given a house arrest order.

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