Moelis Banker Steps Down After Video Shows Him Punching Woman
Image By: Daily Mail

Moelis Banker Steps Down After Video Shows Him Punching Woman

According to a representative for the investment bank who talked with Business Insider, a senior Moelis banker who seemed to hit a lady at a Brooklyn Pride event earlier this month has left the organization.

Jonathan Kaye, the banker, oversaw the investment bank’s franchise for worldwide business services. His profile was removed from the Moelis website on Monday. Kaye’s departure was first reported by Bloomberg earlier on Monday.

Shortly after a video of the June 8 event went viral on social media, the banker was first put on leave.

One of the texts on the video said, “This guy punched me in the face today and broke my nose and busted up my friends arm.”

According to the Financial Times, Kaye, a Jewish man, may have been punched after telling a person at the gathering wearing a Palestinian flag that they were “on the wrong side,” at which point four people threw liquid on him. According to the story, Kaye damaged his knee after falling to the ground during the incident.

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At the time, BI was informed by a Moelis representative that the company was looking into the matter. The man, described by the video’s uploader as Kaye, seems to strike a woman in the video, causing her to appear to fall.

In the footage, the man is heard yelling, “she fucking threw shit all over me,” as he walks away with a stain on the back of his jacket.

According to a Kaye representative, when he was mobbed by “agitators” who physically attacked and poured liquids at him, Kaye feared for his bodily safety.

“Given the sharp rise in antisemitic incidents, any Jewish person in this situation would naturally feel threatened and feel the need to defend themselves and return safely to their family,” a spokeswoman stated.

According to the spokeswoman, Kaye will assist the police and has received death threats since the event.


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