Most Beautiful Small Towns to Visit in Idaho

Discover the 5 Most Beautiful Small Towns To Visit In Idaho

Idaho, often referred to as the “Gem State,” is renowned for its breathtaking natural scenery, vibrant history, and varied culture. While a lot of tourists flock to its capital, Boise, and its well-known spots like Yellowstone National Park and Craters of the Moon, there are numerous undiscovered treasures in Idaho that are definitely worth discovering.

These are the quaint towns that provide a peek into the genuine Idaho way of life, along with picturesque landscapes and opportunities for outdoor exploration. Here are five of the loveliest small towns to explore in Idaho.


Sandpoint, nestled on the northern shores of Lake Pend Oreille, the largest and deepest lake in Idaho, is a delightful town. Surrounded by three mountain ranges, it provides awe-inspiring scenery and a range of activities for every time of year.

You can indulge in activities like fishing, boating, swimming, and kayaking on the lake, or explore hiking, biking, and skiing on the nearby trails. Sandpoint also boasts a lively arts scene, featuring local galleries, museums, theaters, and festivals.

Notable attractions include the esteemed Panida Theater, the Festival at Sandpoint, and the nostalgic Lost in the 50s vintage car show.

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Moscow is a charming college town located on the eastern border of the Palouse region, an expanse of lush hills and farmland. It’s the proud home of the University of Idaho, the oldest public university in the state, and it hosts numerous cultural and academic events all year round.

You can leisurely walk through the downtown district and explore local boutiques, eateries, art galleries, and parks. Additionally, you have the opportunity to tour some of the city’s historic landmarks, including the McConnell Mansion, the Appaloosa Museum, and the University of Idaho Arboretum.

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Stanley is a small but vibrant town with a remarkable character. It’s nestled at the foot of the Sawtooth Mountains and serves as a gateway to some of the most breathtaking natural landscapes and untouched wilderness in Idaho.

The Sawtooth National Recreation Area is a vast expanse, spanning over 750,000 acres, featuring lush forests, serene lakes, winding rivers, and picturesque trails.

For those seeking adventure, there’s a wide range of activities available, including rafting, fishing, camping, and the chance to soak in rejuvenating hot springs.

Stanley is renowned for its warm and inclusive community, with local establishments, eateries, and special events tailored to welcome visitors. Be sure not to miss out on the Stanley Winterfest, the Sawtooth Music Festival, or the Mountain Mamas Arts & Crafts Fair.

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Wallace is a quaint town steeped in mining history. It holds the distinction of being the sole American town entirely listed on the National Register of Historic Places, with numerous structures dating back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

To delve into Wallace’s rich past, you can visit the Wallace District Mining Museum, explore the Northern Pacific Depot Railroad Museum, or embark on a guided tour of an underground mine.

For a taste of more contemporary attractions, consider experiencing the thrills of the Silver Streak Zipline, learning about the intriguing past of the Oasis Bordello Museum, or cycling along the scenic Route of the Hiawatha trail.

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McCall is a charming town located on the southern edge of Payette Lake, a beautiful glacial lake that provides breathtaking scenery and various recreational options.

It’s a sought-after destination for both summer and winter activities, including activities like boating, fishing, hiking, golfing, skiing, snowmobiling, and ice skating.

Furthermore, McCall is renowned for its annual Winter Carnival, featuring impressive snow sculptures, lively parades, dazzling fireworks, and live music.

The town also boasts a vibrant downtown area with an array of shops, eateries, breweries, and art galleries. Don’t miss out on places like Rupert’s Restaurant, Salmon River Brewery, and Gallery 55!

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Final Words

Idaho has much more to offer than initially meets the eye. It boasts numerous small towns brimming with charm, natural beauty, and exciting adventures.

Whether you seek a tranquil escape, a cultural immersion, or an outdoor adrenaline rush, you can experience it all in these five enchanting small towns. Sandpoint, Moscow, Stanley, Wallace, and McCall stand out as some of the finest destinations in Idaho, each revealing its own unique hidden treasures.

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