Most Underrated Neighborhoods in Bingham County

Discover the 5 Most Underrated Neighborhoods in Bingham County, Idaho

Bingham County, Idaho, harbors a hidden treasure, providing a delightful mix of countryside allure and city comforts. While a few neighborhoods are renowned for their attractions and conveniences, others remain uncharted, yet rich in potential.

This Article aims to acquaint you with five most underrated neighborhoods in Bingham County, each boasting its own unique attributes and advantages.


Situated just beyond Blackfoot, Groveland is a burgeoning community recognized for its generous plots of land and attractive residences. Its advantageous location and rural allure make it a favored option for those in search of a blend of urban amenities and countryside serenity.

Groveland’s inhabitants enjoy convenient access to the city’s amenities, shopping outlets, and entertainment venues, while also relishing in the county’s natural splendor and opportunities for outdoor recreation.

The community takes pride in its strong sense of unity and plays host to various events throughout the year, including the Groveland Days Festival and the Groveland Christmas Parade.

Furthermore, Groveland’s current population stands at 1,011 as of 2023, with a median household income of $59,083 and a median home value of $155,833.

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Riverside, situated alongside the Snake River, is a quaint and welcoming community. It provides a range of leisure pursuits like fishing, boating, and hiking.

The tranquil atmosphere and budget-friendly housing options make it an appealing selection for retirees seeking a calm and restful environment. Additionally, Riverside boasts a vibrant heritage, having been the former location of the Fort Hall Indian Reservation and a significant segment of the Oregon Trail.

Moreover, as of 2010, Riverside has a population of 643, with a median household income of $32,500 and a median home value of $77,500.

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Thomas is a tranquil locality situated just on the outskirts of Blackfoot. Its inhabitants appreciate the rustic allure, tight-knit community, and convenient proximity to urban conveniences.

Moreover, Thomas is where you’ll find the esteemed Thomas Jefferson Charter School, a top-notch public educational institution known for providing a classical curriculum with a focus on nurturing character. For families who hold education and heritage in high regard, Thomas is an ideal choice.

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Aberdeen, a petite city, is renowned for its strong presence in the agricultural sector. The inhabitants relish the welcoming ambiance, top-notch educational institutions, and diverse housing choices the city offers.

Moreover, Aberdeen stands as a nucleus for pioneering research, notably housing the Aberdeen Research and Extension Center of the University of Idaho.

This center concentrates on elevating crop yield and promoting sustainability. For individuals with an affinity for agriculture and scientific pursuits, Aberdeen proves to be an ideal locale. Furthermore, the median home value in Aberdeen is $83,800.

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Rockford is a quaint, countryside town that provides a calm, unhurried way of life. Its inhabitants relish in the town’s amiable ambiance, picturesque views, and reasonably priced housing.

Additionally, Rockford is famous for its yearly Rockford Peach Festival, a event that honors the town’s peach orchards and showcases live music, culinary offerings, amusements, and competitions. Rockford is a perfect spot for individuals who have an affinity for nature and an uncomplicated lifestyle.

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Final Words

Here are a few of the fantastic neighborhoods in Bingham County that merit greater acknowledgment and gratitude. If you’re searching for a residence or a destination to explore in this county, be sure to explore these five underrated neighborhoods. You might be pleasantly surprised by what you discover!

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