Most Dangerous Cities: New York's 5 Cities with the Highest Murder Rates

Most Dangerous Cities: New York’s 5 Cities with the Highest Murder Rates

New York, a state that is frequently praised for its dynamic culture and well-known buildings, has a darker side to its busy metropolis. We explore the underbelly of the Empire State in this article to identify the cities dealing with startlingly high homicide rates.

These somber numbers are the result of a complicated interplay between law enforcement and socioeconomic variables, as this investigative piece clarifies.

Come along as we examine the complex fabric of urban life and the ominous clouds hanging over these unstable cities.

CityOverall Crime Rate (higher than national avg.)


With 275,710 residents, Buffalo has substantial problems with socioeconomic issues and crime. It is also the second most in this statistic with 67 documented murders.

When it comes to murder rates, it is one of the highest with 24.3 per 100,000 inhabitants. Buffalo’s overall crime rate is alarmingly high—69.82% higher than the national average—and indicates a high level of criminal activity in the city.

Furthermore, the 7.0% unemployment rate suggests challenges in the labor market and possible instability in the economy. In addition, a sizable segment of Buffalo’s populace is struggling with financial difficulty and the difficulties that come with it, as evidenced by the city’s 27.2% poverty rate.


Sadly, Rochester, a city of 210,270 people, has become known for having the third-highest murder rate in the country with 66 documented cases. This means that 31.4 murders occur for every 100,000 people.

Most Dangerous Cities: New York's 5 Cities with the Highest Murder Rates

In addition, Rochester’s overall crime rate is 85.53% higher than the national average, which is a considerable difference. A difficult image is also painted by economic metrics, which show a 27.9% poverty rate and an 8.5% unemployment rate.

These figures emphasize the intricate social and economic problems the city is facing and the necessity of all-encompassing approaches to deal with poverty, unemployment, and crime.

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The population of 12,365 in Geneva has drawn notice due to its comparatively high murder rate of 16.2 per 100,000 people, making it the fifth highest among other districts.

The city has problems because of its general crime rate, which is 9.61% higher than the national average, despite its beautiful surroundings. Nonetheless, Geneva’s 3.1% unemployment rate is still rather low, indicating some economic stability.

Even Nevertheless, the city’s 18.6% poverty rate highlights inequalities in social protection and economic distribution. Geneva manages to maintain its appeal as a thriving, culturally diverse metropolis in spite of these figures.

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With 32,202 residents, Poughkeepsie has one of the highest murder rate in the country with five murders to its name. Poughkeepsie’s overall crime rate is 5.82% higher than the national average, suggesting a high level of criminal activity.

Most Dangerous Cities: New York's 5 Cities with the Highest Murder Rates

The city also has economic difficulties, with an 18.3% poverty rate and a 7.3% unemployment rate. These figures highlight the social and economic problems Poughkeepsie has, which have an effect on the welfare and security of its citizens.

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People living in the upstate New York city of Schenectady face a number of socioeconomic difficulties. Schenectady struggles with poverty and unemployment due to its large population; the city’s rates are 21.2% and 9.4%, respectively.

But the problems facing the city are not fully represented by these figures. With a crime rate that is 79.79% higher than the national average, Schenectady also faces alarming circumstances. With 8 documented homicides inside its borders, the city has an 11.9 murder rate per 100,000 inhabitants.

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Moving Forward

These New York cities have high homicide rates, which are caused by a complicated network of social and economic problems. It’s vital to keep in mind that these towns are rich in history and culture even though the data present a depressing picture.

Putting money into jobs, education, and community initiatives are all essential first steps in improving these regions’ futures. By recognizing these difficulties, perhaps constructive adjustments might be made to guarantee the security and welfare of every inhabitant.