Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Abington

Discover the 5 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Abington, Pennsylvania

Abington, Pennsylvania, a township located in Montgomery County, is renowned for its affluent and historic communities. Boasting a population exceeding 50,000 residents, Abington stands as one of the most populous and diverse townships in the state.

However, within its boundaries lie pockets of higher crime and potential danger. In this piece, we will delve into the five neighborhoods in Abington, Pennsylvania, deemed the most hazardous, using the latest crime data and statistics from multiple sources.


Situated south of Easton Road and east of Edge Hill Road, Roslyn is a residential enclave within Abington. Characterized by single-family homes and apartments, Roslyn bears a disquieting high rate of crime, particularly violent offenses, surpassing the national average by more than four times.

As per NeighborhoodScout, the odds of falling victim to crime in Roslyn stand at 1 in 18, the highest among all Abington neighborhoods. Assault, robbery, and murder rank among the most prevalent criminal activities in Roslyn.

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To the north of Easton Road and west of Edge Hill Road lies Glenside, another Abington neighborhood. This suburban area houses shopping centers, restaurants, and hotels. Glenside confronts a notable incidence of crime, primarily property-related offenses, exceeding the national average by over two-fold.

NeighborhoodScout indicates a 1 in 23 likelihood of encountering crime in Glenside, marking the second-highest rate within Abington. Theft, burglary, and vehicle theft represent the predominant criminal acts in Glenside.

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Fully enveloped by Abington Township, Jenkintown operates as a borough with a compact yet lively downtown area, encompassing approximately 4,400 inhabitants. Despite its size, Jenkintown contends with a substantial rate of crime, particularly violent crimes that surpass the national average by over three times.

According to, the odds of falling prey to crime in Jenkintown are 1 in 28, ranking third highest among all Abington neighborhoods. Assault, robbery, and rape emerge as the most common offenses in Jenkintown.

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Willow Grove

Lining the Pennsylvania Turnpike and bordering Upper Moreland Township, Willow Grove, an urban district in Abington, comprises row houses and apartments. Willow Grove faces an elevated incidence of crime, especially violent crimes, exceeding the national average by more than two-fold. reveals a 1 in 36 chance of experiencing crime in Willow Grove, marking the fourth-highest rate within Abington. Assault, robbery, and murder stand as the primary criminal occurrences in Willow Grove.

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Positioned along the Huntingdon Valley and bordering Lower Moreland Township, Rydal is a historic Abington neighborhood distinguished by mansions and estates. Despite its elegance, Rydal contends with a heightened rate of crime, predominantly property-related offenses that surpass the national average by over two-fold. data indicates a 1 in 40 likelihood of encountering crime in Rydal, ranking fifth highest among all Abington neighborhoods. Theft and vandalism constitute the primary criminal activities in Rydal.

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This article aims to enhance your comprehension of Abington’s crime landscape. It is important to note that the content relies on data from diverse sources and may not accurately depict each neighborhood’s current conditions. Exercise prudence and common sense when visiting or residing in any area.

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