Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Westchester County

Discover the 5 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Westchester County, New York

Westchester County, located north of New York City, is a suburban area with a population of around 967,000 residents covering 450 square miles.

Although generally considered safe and prosperous, the county contains neighborhoods varying in crime and violence susceptibility.

Analyzing crime statistics and maps from multiple sources, the following sections present the top five risky neighborhoods in Westchester County:

1. Mount Vernon:

Situated in the southern-central part of the county, Mount Vernon, a city bordering the Bronx, has roughly 68,000 inhabitants and a crime rate of 51.6 per 1,000 people. The city reported the highest count of violent offenses in the county, registering 1,571 arrests in 2017.

Predominant violent crimes include robbery, assault, and rape. Additionally, Mount Vernon exhibits an elevated rate of property crimes like burglary, theft, and arson. The city grapples with persistent issues such as poverty, unemployment, corruption, and gang-related activities.

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2. Yonkers:

Being the largest city in Westchester County, Yonkers boasts a population of approximately 200,000 and is located along the Hudson River, sharing borders with the Bronx and Manhattan. The city maintains a crime rate of 23.8 per 1,000 residents, somewhat lower than Mount Vernon, yet surpassing the county average of 16.7.

Yonkers records a notable number of firearm-related violent incidents, totaling 118 cases in 2017. Particularly, the southwestern parts of Yonkers, attracting higher daytime foot traffic due to retail establishments, harbor greater risks.

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3. New Rochelle:

Located in the southeastern portion of the county, New Rochelle is a city home to about 79,000 individuals. Celebrated for its diverse historic community, waterfront, and downtown areas, the city showcases a crime rate of 18.9 per 1,000 residents, slightly above the county average.

In 2017, New Rochelle reported 316 instances of violent crimes, predominantly robbery and assault. The city also contends with a moderate number of property-related offenses, including theft and vandalism.

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4. Peekskill:

Found in the northwestern corner of Westchester County, Peekskill is a city inhabited by around 24,000 people, resting on the eastern bank of the Hudson River and characterized by its scenic downtown. The city registers a crime rate of 25.9 per 1,000 residents, exceeding the county average.

While violent crimes are relatively low, with 69 incidents in 2017, property-related offenses such as burglary, theft, and motor vehicle theft are more prominent. Furthermore, Peekskill faces a higher rate of drug-related crimes and arrests.

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5. Port Chester:

Port Chester, a village in the southeastern area of Westchester County, accommodates roughly 29,000 inhabitants, bordering Connecticut and embodying a diverse and lively community. The village presents a crime rate of 21 per 1,000 residents, above the county average.

Although the count of violent crimes is limited, recording 77 incidents in 2017, property offenses like theft, fraud, and forgery are more prevalent. Port Chester also experiences a heightened rate of alcohol-related crimes and arrests.

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In Conclusion:

Drawing on available data and information, the previously mentioned neighborhoods are identified as the five most perilous areas within Westchester County. It’s essential to recognize that crime rates fluctuate based on varying factors and sources, rendering these rankings non-definitive.

Furthermore, crime rates don’t solely reflect a neighborhood’s quality of life or overall safety. Other appealing aspects may make these areas attractive to certain residents or visitors.

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