Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Great Falls

Discover the 5 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Great Falls, Montana

Great Falls, Montana is a beautiful city in the middle of Big Sky Country that earned the nickname “Electric City” when it became an early adopter of hydroelectric power. Many people choose to make their homes there because of the area’s spectacular natural beauty, welcoming locals, and extensive history.

However, as with every metropolis, there are trouble spots that raise safety concerns. In this piece, we’ll take a closer look at five of Great Falls, Montana’s most troubled communities. Although these areas may have higher crime rates, they are not without appeal, and the vast majority of people who live there do so without incident.

West Side

In comparison to the rest of Great Falls, the West Side has a reputation for having a higher crime rate. This area is a focal point of community initiatives to reduce crime and features both residential and business spaces. However, increased crime rates have been observed in some sections of this area due to poverty and associated socioeconomic difficulties.

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South Side

There are some rough areas on the South Side of Great Falls where the crime rate is a bit greater than in other parts of the city. The high crime rate in this area has been linked to both poverty and drug use. Many South Side neighborhoods, however, are rather secure, and locals are hard at work making their neighborhoods better.

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East End

Property crimes and drug-related occurrences have been persistent problems in the East End area. These problems are more likely to occur in certain East End neighborhoods. Most of the population are law-abiding, but as in the other areas on our list, the actions of a few can tarnish the reputation of the whole.

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Located on the Missouri River, Riverview has a reputation for having a greater crime rate than other areas because of the difficulties the community has had to overcome. Theft and burglary, both of which involve damage to property, are problems in some communities. On the other hand, Riverview is home to beautiful scenery and has potential for growth and improvement.

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Despite the higher crime rates that characterize many urban cores, downtown Great Falls is a relatively secure place. Theft and vandalism are still problems, though. The city and its companies have taken several steps to increase security, making it a more desirable location to live and visit.

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Final Words

It’s important to remember that Great Falls, Montana’s crime rate has been going down for some time now. Community policing, youth programs, and economic development projects aimed at reviving communities are just a few of the city’s and local law enforcement’s efforts to combat these problems.

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