Most Safest Neighborhoods in Steele Creek

Discover the 5 Most Safest Neighborhoods in Steele Creek, Alaska

Steele Creek, Alaska, designated as a census-designated place (CDP) within the Fairbanks North Star Borough, recorded a population of 6,437 according to the 2020 census. This CDP is a part of the broader Fairbanks metropolitan area and stands as the eighth-most populated CDP in the state of Alaska.

The name “Steele Creek” originates from the creek that meanders through the western region of the CDP, extending eastward to the convergence with the Little Chena River and Iowa Creek. Steele Creek boasts a noteworthy history, having served as a prominent mining community and a pivotal stop for travelers navigating the Fortymile River.

In terms of safety, Steele Creek is recognized as a comparatively secure place to reside, displaying a notably low crime rate when compared to the national average. According to Crime Grade assessments, Steele Creek ranks in the 92nd percentile for safety, implying that 8% of cities are safer, while 92% of cities exhibit a higher degree of danger.

Specifically, the standard annual crime rate in Steele Creek stands at 43.85 incidents per 1,000 residents. However, the safety level may vary within Steele Creek, contingent upon the nature and frequency of criminal activities. To offer insight into the community’s safety, here are the top five secure neighborhoods in Steele Creek, as determined by Crime Grade’s crime mapping and statistical data:

Southwest Steele Creek

This region boasts the most minimal crime rate within Steele Creek, recording just four reported incidents in an average year. The likelihood of experiencing criminal activity in this locality stands at a mere 1 in 34. The southwestern section of Steele Creek primarily consists of rural, wooded areas, featuring sparse retail establishments and recreational spaces.

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Southeast Steele Creek

In Steele Creek, this locale boasts the second-lowest crime rate, recording just 9 reported incidents in an average year. Your likelihood of experiencing a crime here is approximately 1 in 25. Additionally, the southeastern region of Steele Creek maintains its predominantly rural and forested character, punctuated by the presence of farms and cabins that dot the banks of the tranquil Little Chena River.

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Northwest Steele Creek

This region boasts the third-lowest crime incidence in Steele Creek, with an average of only 15 reported incidents annually. The likelihood of falling victim to a crime in this vicinity stands at approximately 1 in 19. In the northwestern sector of Steele Creek, you’ll find the cherished historical community of Steele Creek, featuring numerous cabins and a roadhouse under the protection of the Bureau of Land Management.

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Central Steele Creek

This neighborhood boasts the fourth-lowest crime rate in Steele Creek, typically seeing only 18 reported crimes per year. Your odds of falling victim to a crime in this area are approximately 1 in 18. The heart of Steele Creek, housing numerous retail shops and recreational spots like Chena Hot Springs Road and Nordale Road, is situated here.

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Northeast Steele Creek

While the northeastern region of Steele Creek boasts the highest crime rate within the area, it remains below the national average, with just 63 reported crimes in an average year. The likelihood of falling victim to crime here stands at 1 in 17. This sector is primarily inhabited, featuring numerous subdivisions and neighborhoods lining the Steese Highway.

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Final Words

Here are the top five most secure neighborhoods in Steele Creek, Alaska, as established through data from Crime Grade and other reputable sources. It’s important to note that safety isn’t solely influenced by crime statistics; it encompasses a broader range of factors such as environmental risks, natural disasters, air and water quality, smoking regulations, and other elements that impact residents’ overall well-being.

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