Most Underrated Neighborhoods in Brattleboro

Discover the 5 Most Underrated Neighborhoods in Brattleboro, Vermont

Brattleboro, Vermont, presents itself as a delightful town, providing an array of attractions and pastimes for both its inhabitants and guests. Ranging from the historical downtown area to the picturesque West River, Brattleboro has something that caters to all.

Nonetheless, a few of Brattleboro’s most appealing neighborhoods frequently remain unnoticed by both visitors and locals. Below, you’ll find five of these underappreciated neighborhoods in Brattleboro that warrant your exploration and uncovering.

West Brattleboro

West Brattleboro stands as a rural community featuring a blend of single-family residences and apartment buildings. Within its boundaries rests the Creamery Covered Bridge, a surviving example of Vermont’s few remaining covered bridges.

Adding to its allure, West Brattleboro fosters a lively arts and cultural environment, highlighted by numerous galleries, studios, and venues that facilitate events and performances. Additionally, the area presents the opportunity to relish the splendid scenery along the West River Trail, a 3.5-mile route tracing the river’s course and treating visitors to breathtaking vistas of both water and mountains.

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Brattleboro North

Brattleboro North stands as a suburban community, providing a serene and tranquil ambiance. Predominantly residential, it features modest to moderately sized houses and a selection of petite apartment complexes.

Situated proximate to the downtown sector, Brattleboro North boasts its own conveniences. Notably, the Brattleboro Country Club, established in 1914, offers a golf course for enthusiasts. Additionally, residents can enjoy access to the Retreat Farm, an antique farmstead showcasing attractions like a petting zoo, a play area, and a farmers market.

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Guilford stands as a quaint village situated adjacent to Brattleboro on its southern edge. The town is renowned for its countryside allure and significant historical sites. Among these landmarks is the Guilford Center Meeting House, an exquisite Greek Revival structure erected back in 1837.

Adding to its appeal, Guilford boasts a vibrant musical legacy, exemplified by the yearly Guilford Music Festival. This three-day extravaganza highlights the talents of musicians from both the local scene and the wider region. Alongside its musical prominence, Guilford offers an array of trails and parks, perfect for activities like hiking, biking, and enjoying leisurely picnics.

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Marlboro stands as a neighboring small town to the west of Brattleboro. Renowned for hosting the Marlboro Music Festival, an esteemed summer gathering drawing top-tier classical musicians from around the globe.

Marlboro boasts a notable educational influence, housing Marlboro College, a liberal arts establishment highlighting self-driven education and community engagement. Additionally, Marlboro treats residents and visitors to picturesque vistas of the Green Mountains and the Hogback Mountain Conservation Area.

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West Chesterfield

West Chesterfield stands as a village situated on the opposite side of the Connecticut River in New Hampshire. It’s just a brief drive away from Brattleboro, yet it presents a distinct ambiance and way of life. The village boasts a historical downtown area, which is home to numerous antique shops, eateries, and cafes.

Additionally, it provides access to the Chesterfield Gorge Natural Area, a 13-acre park that highlights the exquisite scenery of the river and its rock formations. Moreover, West Chesterfield is the proud host of the annual Cheshire Fair, a lively four-day occasion that honors agriculture, craftsmanship, and entertainment.

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Here are a few lesser-known neighborhoods in Brattleboro, Vermont that deserve your attention. Each possesses its own distinct character and appeal, which will deepen your affection for this town.

Whether your interests lie in history, culture, nature, or enjoyment, you’ll encounter them all within these neighborhoods. Ensure you don’t overlook these concealed treasures and uncover the factors that render Brattleboro truly exceptional.

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